Emily Achtenberg
Rebel Currents
November 22, 2016

Bolivia’s brutal cooperative mining conflict reveals the growing contradictions and perils of extractivism, as the government and popular sectors struggle to control a dwindling mining surplus.

Mike Ludwig
November 21, 2016

Immigrant rights activists are digging in their heels for a hard fight, including reforms at state and local levels.

Rafael R. Ioris
November 17, 2016

Facing extreme budget cuts by the illegitimate government of President Michel Temer, student activists are occupying schools in the name of public education.

Nasya Razavi
November 16, 2016

Drought and political divisions are limiting access to water in the Cochabamba Valley. Will social movements mobilize again to protect this basic right?

David Hernández
Border Wars
November 14, 2016

Beyond trying to fix the migrant detention regime with incremental reforms, migrant rights’ activists should demand the detention regime be scrapped all together.

Quintijn Kat
November 7, 2016

A year after U.S. Congress approved the “Alliance for Prosperity,” U.S. funding continues militarized, neoliberal policies that won’t stop violence in the Northern Triangle.

Christina Schiavoni and William Camacaro
November 3, 2016

What is driving the current ‘scarcity amidst abundance’ of food in Venezuela?

Elisabeth Jay Friedman and Constanza Tabbush
October 31, 2016

Recent protests against femicide in Argentina reveal the deep roots and spreading branches of feminist activism in Latin America.

Sarah Stephens
October 31, 2016

What has been the role of U.S. commercial interests in ending the U.S. embargo on Cuba?

Alejandro Velasco
October 28, 2016

The oil curse and socialism are two frequently touted reasons for Venezuela's current crisis. Each is elegant, convincing, and wrong--dangerously so.