Elliott Young
February 3, 2017

Can the Sanctuary movement protect immigrants under the Trump administration?

David Bacon
February 2, 2017

Donald Trump's draconian immigration enforcement efforts face a basic challenge: the United States operates within an economic system that profits off immigrant labor. 

Samantha Pineda and Alexis Stoumbelis
February 1, 2017

Twenty-five years after the signing of El Salvador’s Peace Agreement, the country’s right-wing forces seek to undermine core democratic institutions.

José Orduña
Border Wars
January 30, 2017

Without a reckoning of how past policies have shaped current migratory patterns, restriction efforts – Democratic and Republican – miss the point.

Eleanor J. Bader
January 27, 2017

Colleges across the U.S. are hunkering down to resist any attempts to deport undocumented students.

Helen Hazelwood Isaac
January 26, 2017

A conversation with NACLA contributor Ben Cowan about the recent right turn in Brazilian politics.

Moira Birss
January 26, 2017

From attempts to close Ecuador’s leading environmental rights NGO to megaprojects on indigenous lands, Rafael Correa’s government continues to criminalize and threaten environmental activists and indigenous people. 

Helen Hazelwood Isaac
January 18, 2017

Manuel Pérez Rocha gives an update on the recent World Bank investor dispute settlement in favor of El Salvador, which dismissed Canadian gold mining company Pacific Rim's $250 million USD case against the El Salvadoran government.

Abby C. Wheatley and Oren Kroll-Zeldin
Border Wars
January 12, 2017

Building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border would be a resounding failure. The separation wall between Israel and Palestine helps show us why. 

Linda Farthing
January 6, 2017

Pension fund giant TIAA is investing its clients’ funds in farmland and agribusinesses tied to environmental and human rights abuses in Latin America.