NACLA Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Digital Publication


The North American Congress on Latin America, (NACLA) has launched NACLA 2.0, an indiegogo campaign to bring our independent journalism to new digital platforms and make our reliable coverage of the Americas more accessible.

Since 1967, NACLA has published a progressive, quarterly magazine of news and analysis. Centered around a unique "Report" section, which examines a single topic in depth, NACLA Report on the Americas offers comprehensive, analytic coverage of Latin America not found anywhere else in the English-language press. With over four decades of trusted analysis on hemispheric affairs, NACLA has long brought readers the overlooked, the under-reported, and the covered-up—and our status as an independent nonprofit organization ensures that we will continue to do so.

NACLA Indiegogo on Vimeo.


NACLA 2.0 is a campaign that will enable NACLA to develop a full-color tablet version of our quarterly magazine and an enhanced, easy-to-use digital platform. The tablet edition will combine the distraction-free experience of an e-reader version of the Report with enhanced digital features like slideshows, videos, and interviews. And by doing a much-needed site upgrade and redesign, we will bring you more daily content, develop a section of the site for educators, and provide easier access to the 46 years of the NACLA archive.

NACLA’s Indiegogo campaign is now live and will end on Saturday, August 10th. Indiegogo is a crowdsourcing platform that enables people to easily contribute to causes and campaigns they believe in. You can join the NACLA 2.0 campaign by donating anything from $1 to $3,000—plus you’ll get some great perks for contributing!

Join the indiegogo community in supporting independent journalism by contributing to the NACLA 2.0 campaign today and helping us to spread the word! Plus, stay up to date on the campaign and news from Latin America by following NACLA on Facebook and Twitter.


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