Blogger Submissions

NACLA is seeking new bloggers!

Each blog will require 1 posting per week. We are seeking various levels of involvement:

·Bloggers who serve as the sole contributor to their own blog with a frequency of 1 time per week.

·Bloggers who post 1-4 times per month on a team of bloggers organized around a regional or thematic issue.

·Blog coordinators (or co-coordinators) who develop and edit their own blog team or edit a team of rotating/guest bloggers instead of writing as the sole contributor to the blog. Blog coordinators should already have a team in mind or should be interested in doing their own blogger recruitment.

Each application should involve content from the list below (though please feel free to keep your submission informal):

·An explanation of how your experience relates to your blogging abilities. (Include a resume if you have one.)

·A summary of the topic(s) you’d like to blog about, be they regional or thematic, and an explanation of how your experience relates to that proposal. (For those who currently blog elsewhere, please include an explanation of the relation between your current work and your NACLA proposal if applicable.)

·An indication of your preferred blogging frequency (between 1 to 4 times per month.)

·An indication of interest in being a blog coordinator; if so, please include a brief description of the bloggers you see yourself recruiting and editing.

·A writing sample: a potential blog post for the website – OR – a writing sample of 800-1600 words in the journalistic tone of a NACLA blog (i.e. no theory-heavy articles or tourist adventure blogs.)

For your submission, please review our current blog section and see where you think we could expand. Some examples include education reform, LGBTQ organizing, women’s organizing, Indigenous organizing, Brazil and the World Cup, reviews of music / film, etc.


·Blog posts will hover around 800 words with a 1600 word maximum.

·Bloggers should be prepared to write for the website for a minimum of 1 year.

All submissions should be sent to After receiving submissions, we will begin to match areas of interest to coordinate frequency, schedule, and a regional/thematic spread.

A Note on Funding:

The North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA) is a very modestly funded nonprofit publication. Blogs are done on a volunteer basis as, regrettably, we are unable at this time to pay writers’ fees. All bloggers will receive free digital subscriptions to the quarterly magazine.