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For 46 years, the North American Congress on Latin America has been the most reliable source of information on progressive politics in the Americas. Today, we remain just as committed to bringing you trustworthy and in-depth coverage of the region, both through our award-winning magazine, the NACLA Report on the Americas, and through the blogs, articles, and podcasts on our website.

As you know, it can be hard to find accurate information about Latin America in the mainstream media—your generous support has been essential to our success as a reliable source of information.

Recently, Keane Bhatt, the Media Accuracy on Latin America (MALA) blogger for NACLA’s website, discovered several mistakes and distortions in New Yorker contributor Jon Lee Anderson’s coverage of Venezuela. As a result of Keane’s posts and NACLA reader responses, The New Yorker has issued two corrections, and after holding out for weeks over a third error, posted a response by Anderson specifically addressing Keane’s reporting. This media activism has lit up the web—actor/director Danny Glover and New York Times reporter Damien Cave have both tweeted about it—and Keane’s coverage has been shared widely on other news sites and blogs, including and Counterspin.

We are also proud to report that in 2013 the NACLA Report has once again been nominated for an Utne Media Award for international coverage!

We want to ensure that we can continue to bring you our trustworthy analysis of the region—in print and online—and we need your help.

Your donation will allow us to continue covering the stories that are otherwise left under-reported, overlooked, and covered-up. Plus, your generous gift will enable us to offer you a new tablet edition of the magazine, which will be available on iPad this summer!

As you know, NACLA has always operated on a very small budget—sales of the magazine and your donations have always provided the bulk of the revenue we use to carry out our mission.

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