On Saturday, February 11, NACLA will hold a general meeting in New York.


The prospects in the Third World for U.S. agribusiness have recently drawn much attention from the business press.
At 8:00 in the evening of Saturday, February lI, Archbishop Dom Helder Pessoa Camara of Recife, Brazil will speak on "Brazilian Development and U. S. Power."
George Anne Geyer
THE MIAMI HERALD: Saturday, Dec. 24, 1966. Top sources within the Kennedy administration have revealed the U.S. instigated and supported the 1963 coup by the Guatemalan military to overthrow the constitutionally elected President, Miguljl Ydigoras Fuentes.
Paul L. Montgomery
SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic - One sunny Saturday morning recently, a cloud of 200 squatters carrying household goods and old lumber descended on the Los Prados housing project on the flat outskirts of this capital.
An alliance of family fortunes linking Wall Street and the Midwest" was announced last week in the New York Times (1/16/67).
Hermano Alves (Translated by NACLA)
Marshall Castelo Branco wants the constitution to open the way for a group called the "InterAmerican Defense Force" and to remove beforehand any opposition from the next national Congress.
The Jan. 11, 1967 New York Times reported that the U. S. Supreme Court had ruled unanimously that it is not a crime for a person with an up-to-date passport to visit countries where travel is prohibited by the State Department."
Air Forces of Latin America are getting tired of being treated like poor relation dressed in castoffs from rich uncle.