Miguel Soler (excerpts)
An economist recently described the Puerto Ricans' situation by saying: "The Puerto Ricans are becoming with every step, less the actors and more the spectators of the economic drama in Puerto Rico." In this way the economist described the phenomenon by which the eons of our country are losing possession of the means of production and are being converted into salaried workers in the firms of North American for- eigners.
Lois Reivich
It has been generally held by both scholars and politicians that Puerto Rico is a land with scarce natural resources, especially minerals. This has been held up as a disadvantage for the islands development.
Damgar Shultz (excerpts from San Juan Star)
(The War Resister's League and Vanguardia, a "rebel" group of Popular Democratic Party members, have begun cooperating in the circulation of petitions calling for the removal of nuclear weapons from Puerto Rico.
Cesar Andreu Iglesias
The following article is a discussion of one of the ways the Puerto Rican economy has been totally dependent on the U.S. economic system.
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