Lois Reivich
In the last twenty-five years the American government has become deeply committed to cultural and education exchanges. Such efforts have been called the fourth dimension of U.
Marge Piercy
The Institute of International Education offers a great variety of services to corporations, which in turn contribute generously to it. In a promotional pamphlet, Services for the International Corporation, the IIE explains its usefulness to the corporate elite
Michael Holcomb
Another aspect of the IIE is CHEAR, the Council on Higher Education in the American Republics, a small organization the IIE oversees. CHEAR's basic income comes from the Carnegie Corporation and the Ford Foundation.
Marge Piercy & Peter Henig
Michigan State University prides itself on its service to the government in solving those international problems faced by the ever broadening American empire. A pamphlet selling to the prospective student exactly those aspects of MSU which we'll be looking at says: The challenge facing American higher education is an integral part of the widespread and important responsibilities which the American nation now faces abroad.
Alice Embree
The world of international education has brought together a most interesting subset of the American population. Extrapolate from the operational and political style of the liberal multiversity administration, broaden its domain to include not just a community of students and faculty numbering 30,000 but virtually the entire world, and you have the modus operandi of the IIE.
The Grand Ballroom of the Plaza will be the setting again this year on Jan. 24 for the annual Diamond Ball, which has traditionally drawn a sparkling array of political and business leaders and socialites to aid the Institute of International Education.
UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. - One-fourth of all the world's students studying outside their own countries are enrolled in the United States