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Next week we will post the Latino Student Movements: Defending Education Issue online. Subscribers will have full access, and receive the print edition by the end of December.

Latino Student Movements Preview:

Arely M. Zimmerman describes how the undocumented youth movement in the United States is shifting from its DREAM Act focus to broader immigrant, civil, and human rights issues.

A letter from migrant justice activist Raúl Alcaraz Ochoa to the DREAM Movement: I have come to a deeply painful decision: I can no longer in good political conscience support the Dream Act because the essence of a beautiful dream has been detained by a colonial nightmare seeking to fund and fuel the U.S. Empire machine.

On April 26, the youth collective UNIDOS occupied a Tucson School District borrad meeting that intended to dismantle the local Mexican American Studies program. Nolan L. Cabrera, Elisa L. Meza, and Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez report how students saved the program, and reignited the movement in the fight for ethnic studies. 

Two years before the recent wave of occupations across the country, California students were occupying universities against hefty tuition hikes. Zachary Levenson describes how students are mobilizing again in spite of police repression. Will they be able to shut down their campuses indefinitely to end austerity?

In May, Chilean students took to the streets to call for free, quality, universal public education. Now after seven months, J. Patrice McSherry and Raúl Molina Mejía cover how the students have built a powerful mass movement that is demanding nothing less than the democratization of the Chilean state and the end of Pinochet-era policies.

NACLA editor Michael Fox interviews student leaders José Ancalao Gavilán (Chile) and Giovanni Roberto (Puerto Rico) about their local struggles for the right to education, against the world financial crisis, budget cuts, tuition increases, and police repression.    

This Week Online:

Todd Miller: Do Not Question the Border Patrol
Charlie Goff: The Mexico Numbers Game
Nazih Richani: U.S. Drug War Policy: Eroding Good Governance
Brittany Peterson: Homage to a Criminal in Chile

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