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Dear NACLA friends,

We are proud to announce our 45th anniversary NACLA Benefit Gala on May 10, 2012. Join us for an evening of drinks and antojitos in honor of NACLA's founders, Latin American solidarity movements, and distinguished activist Noam Chomsky, recipient of the 2012 NACLA Latin America Peace and Justice Award.

Gala tickets cost $150 per person. For more information about ticket packages and program book ads email with the subject line "NACLA 45th Anniversary Gala."

Stay tuned for more information about the gala, including the announcement of our Host Committee members, and other Guests of Honor.

This week online:
Todd Miller: Securing the Super Bowl With Border Patrol
Fred Rosen: Interview With Javier Sicilia Part II: Reweaving Mexico's Social Fabric

Nazih Richani: President Santos and the Question of Land Reform in Colombia (Part II)
Emily Achtenberg: Bolivian Congress Adopts Controversial TIPNIS Consultation Law
Garry Leech: The Shifting Contours of Colombia's Armed Conflict

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Also, don't forget to read our Latino Student Movements Issue!
Across the Americas conservative politicians are gutting education and raising student fees, co-opting legislation and banning intercultural classes. But Latino student movements are fighting back!

NACLA's Digital Archive:
Don't forget to visit our archives and read the award-winning articles that have made the NACLA Report on the Americas the most reliable resource for progressive politics in the region. Subscribers and customers can now download PDFs of full issues!

Stay tuned for upcoming interviews, event announcements, and previews.



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