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You can now buy NACLA editor Pablo Morales's new book "Haiti Since the Earthquake: Tectonic Shifts" at 20% off the cover price! NACLA friends can use the source code TSNAC until June 1, 2012 to order the discounted book here.

"Tectonic Shifts" offers on-the-ground perspectives about Haiti's cataclysmic earthquake and the aftermath that left more than 1.5 million people homeless. The book offers a critical analysis of Haiti's heightened vulnerability as a result of centuries of foreign policy and most recently neoliberal economic policies, and addresses the contemporary realities, foreign impositions, and political changes that occurred during the relief and reconstruction periods.
This week online:
Laurie Melrood: U.S. Immigration Policy: Private Prisons and Shattered Families
Nazih Richani: Show Time in Necocli, Colombia
Emily Achtenberg: Bolivia's TIPNIS Conflict Continues: Fanning the Flames of Discontent
Charo Mina-Rojas: Victims Law Decree Fails Afro-Colombian Communities
Kevin Edmonds: Canada: A Late but Eager Partner in Policing the Caribbean

NACLA Radio Podcast #1
Featuring content on the U.S.-Mexico Border, Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela, and much more.
-A conversation with NACLA blogger Todd Miller about the U.S.-Mexico Border
-An Interview with Geoffrey Boyce from the Arizona-based organization No More Deaths about their recent Border Patrol Abuse Report
-A report on the Chilean student movements by journalist Brittany Peterson
-An excerpt of Bolivian president Evo Morales's speech at New York's Riverside Church in September
-An interview with Steve Brouwer, author of the new Monthly Review book, Revolutionary Doctors: How Venezuela and Cuba Are Changing the World's Conception of Health Care
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Also, don't forget to read our Latino Student Movements Issue!
Across the Americas conservative politicians are gutting education and raising student fees, co-opting legislation and banning intercultural classes. But Latino student movements are fighting back!

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