Email Update 8/22: U.S. Caravan for Peace, On the Road






Last week, the Caravan for Peace With Justice and Dignity kicked off its one-month, 6,000-mile journey across the United States. Riding from San Diego to Washington, D.C., the Caravan seeks to educate and confront Americans about the terrible violence besetting Mexico—and perhaps to recruit those who are convinced and inspired to a U.S. offshoot of Mexico's Movement for Peace. This week, Fred Rosen wrote about the caravan in his NACLA blog "Mexico, Bewildered and Contested."   Read More


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New From the Blogs:

Nazih Richani: The Colombian Paradox: Capital Mobility, Land, and Power
Joseph Nevins: A Twenty-First Century Border: The Ever-expanding U.S. Boundary
Keane Bhatt: On Haiti, Jared Diamond Hasn't Done His Homework
Emily Achtenberg: Women In the Forefront of Bolivia's TIPNIS Conflict
Fred Rosen: In Mexico, You Can't Escape the Tri!
Kevin Edmonds: Police Killings Spark Crisis in Guyana
Matthew Johnson: Fuerza!: The Fight Against SB 1070 and the Prison Industry in Arizona
Nazih Richani: Striking Rail Workers Affect Coal Production in Colombia

Stay tuned for upcoming interviews, event announcements, and previews.

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