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Dear NACLA friends,

Exactly ten years ago, on April 11, 2002, a group of rebelling military officers, together with opposition leaders and the mainstream media, staged a coup d'état against Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez. Nineteen protesters were killed in the confusing events of that day. Chávez was jailed. Pedro Carmona, the head of Venezuela's elite business federation, FEDECAMERAS, was sworn in as de facto president, quickly abolishing the country's 1999 Constitution, disbanding the Congress, and installing a virtual media blackout.

Less than two days later, however, pro-Chávez supporters descended from the poor barrios around Caracas and Venezuela. They surrounded the presidential palace, Miraflores, and demanded that their president be returned. Within a few hours Chávez was back in power.

In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the April 11, 2002 coup, NACLA presents the award-winning feature-length Venezuelan documentary Llaguno Bridge: Keys to a Massacre. The film reveals images, testimony, and key historical facts that were deliberately hidden by many mainstream media to protect the supporters of the coup.

NACLA Radio Podcast #2:
This is NACLA's Spring 2012 Radio Podcast. Produced and co-hosted by Ambre Auzanneau, Michael Fox, and Alexandra Hall. This podcast features:
-An interview with University of Arizona professor Nolan Cabrera on the Unidos student struggle to save Mexican American Studies in Tucson, Arizona, schools
-A Free Speech Radio News report from Honduras by Tim Russo.
-An interview on Honduras with longtime Central American solidarity activist Jenny Atlee.
-An interview with Maria Mercado of East Harlem's Movement for Justice in El Barrio, during an international women's day event.
-An interview with Erick Forsyth of Occupy Birmingham on how the occupy movement in Alabama is standing up to the detention of immigrants and the state's recently-passed anti-immigrant legislation HB56.
In the coming months, NACLA Radio will be bringing you more podcasts, complete interviews, and reports. So stay tuned. You can now subscribe to receive free direct downloads from NACLA Radio via Itunes.

This Week  Online:
Annalise Udall Romoser: Colombians Commemorate First Official Day Honoring Conflict Victims (photo essay)
Nazih Richani: Sovereignty For Sale: Corporate Land Grab in Colombia

Michael Fox: The U.S. Border War on Easter Eggs

Print Edition: Central America: Legacies of War
In the 1980s, Central America sank deep into political turmoil amid civil wars, brutal military dictatorships, and U.S. intervention. Three decades later, NACLA examines the legacies of war in Central America: Honduras is reliving its history of military coups, repression, and impunity. In Guatemala, a former dictator is charged with genocide. Across the region, former guerrillas and generals are in power, the military is again taking a disturbingly prominent role in policing, and communities are defending their land from powerful interests.

NACLA 45th Anniversary Benefit Gala
Eduardo Galeano, Patricio Guzmán, Naomi Klein, and our NACLA Host Committee invite you to our 45th Benefit Gala!

Join 150 of our closest friends in honoring Noam Chomsky, Javier Sicilia, and Eduardo del Río (Rius) for their significant contributions towards Latin American peace and justice causes over the years. Individual tickets and packages can now be purchased here.  

If you are unable to attend, please consider donating to NACLA. Our goal is to raise $60,000 with this event, which will enable us to continue educating students, teachers, activists, policy makers, and citizens about Latin American affairs and U.S. policy in the region.

For more information email with the subject line "NACLA 45th Anniversary Gala." All tickets must be reserved by May 3.

NACLA's Spring Photo Contest
The winning contest photos by Kevin P. Coleman and James A. Rodríguez have been posted here.  The topic for the Summer 2012 NACLA Photo Contest is Latin America and the Global Economy. Participants must send their high-resolution pictures (and caption information) to with the subject line "NACLA Photo Contest" by May 1.

The winning photograph will be published in full color in the Summer NACLA Report. The winner will receive a copy of the magazine with his or her photograph, and a one-year-subscription to NACLA. Complete submission guidelines can be found on our photo contest page.

NACLA's Digital Archive:
Don't forget to visit our archives and read the award-winning articles that have made the NACLA Report on the Americas the most reliable resource for progressive politics in the region. Subscribers and customers can now download PDFs of full issues!

Stay tuned for upcoming interviews, event announcements, and previews.


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