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Our "Mexico Drug Crisis" issue is out! It will be available in bookstores by late July. But if you are already an individual subscriber, you can access the full issue online today!

This issue includes coverage of Mexico's own history of prohibitionism, background on the deadly violence that has engulfed Ciudad Juárez (home to perhaps the highest homicide rate in the world), and the culture of small-time traffickers along the U.S.-Mexico border. We also offer two critical essays on how the mainstream media portray the crisis—the first dissects the media's "marketing campaign" for the drug war policies, and the second analyzes the media images of drug-war carnage and half-naked women that mask Mexico's real violence. For those of you who are not subscribed yet, you can access the stories of four women traffickers and a 16-year-old hit man working for La Familia Michoacana, one Mexico's most notoriously violent criminal organizations, for free.

Also, don't forget to keep up with breaking news about Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, U.S. immigration policy, the drug war, social movements, and other issues with our daily blog postings ( Our bloggers offer valuable insight to immediate events with photo essays, reports from the field, and investigative research. Last week's coverage included:

'Now Is the Time': Ramsey Clark on Cuba and Lucius Walker
Beneath the Underdog
A Time to Apologize?

And, finally, for those of you who have missed our recent issue, "Lula's Legacy in Brazil," or want to expand your perspective and research with more in-depth coverage about the Americas, don't forget that with your subscription to NACLA you will get access to the last decade's worth of our archive; you can also purchase individual articles.

Stay tuned for upcoming interviews with specialists from our Mexico issue, and a preview of our August issue, "Cuba: Salvaging a Revolution."

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