NACLA Update 07/16/09 - Peru's "Cold War" / What's Next for Honduras?

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Peru's 'Cold War' Against Indigenous Peoplesby Kristina Aiello
The recent conflict in the Peruvian Amazon is only the most violent symptom of an ongoing cold war being waged by President Alan García against indigenous groups. Besides a racist propaganda campaign and violent repression, the government has tried highly suspect legal mechanisms to disarticulate indigenous power. García's actions are all part of his attempt to unleash the forces of the free market on the Amazon at any cost.
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What's Next For Honduras?
by Teo Ballvé

Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya has reiterated his vow to quickly return to his country to re-assume his rightful place as the nation's president. This week will be a determinant moment in the outcome of the crisis caused by the June 28 military coup against Zelaya. The major players in this crisis have all shown signs of growing impatience with the current situation, meaning that everything could come to a head.
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