NACLA Update 2/25/10 - Obama's Drug Wars / Undermining Haitian Healthcare

Chavkin Award 2010

NACLA is seeking nominations for the 2010 Chavkin Award for Integrity in Journalism in Latin America. The prize is awarded every 18 months to an outstanding investigative reporter working in Latin America or the Caribbean, exposing injustice and oppression or documenting the struggles for social justice and democracy in the region.

Please send nominations to NACLA editor Pablo Morales, at by Friday, February 26.

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Beyond Supply and Demand: Obama's Drug Wars in Latin America
by Suzanna Reiss

In its first year, the Obama administration has embraced and even extended its predecessors' militaristic counter-narcotics policies in the Americas. In doing so, it has also adopted the basic tenets and priorities that have shaped U.S. drug control policies for decades. Until the administration pays attention to the structural origins of the drug war, as well as the profound international dependencies upon which it has always rested, it will be fated to continue pursuing a destructive, and failed, policy.

This article originally appeared in the January/February 2010 edition of NACLA Report on the Americas.

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The Undermining of Haitian Health Care: Setting the Stage for Disaster
by Kevin Edmonds

In December 2003, the dedication ceremony of Haiti's first and only public medical school took place in Port-au-Prince. The school's ability to provide free medical education was considered one of the most important achievements of former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide's administration. A mere one month after it opened, however, the school became one of the many casualties of the military coup that ousted Aristide in 2004. The story of this school is both the story of the Haitian people's iron will for self-determination and betterment, and the country's constant struggle with meddling foreign powers.
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