NACLA Update: 2/8/2013


Hello Naclistas!

This past Wednesday, NACLA and CLACS officially launched our partnership with a party in NYU's King Juan Carlos Center. (And, yes, we all appreciate the irony of holding our fiesta latina in a space named after the rey español). It was a great success, which began with remarks by CLACS director Jill Lane and Report editor Fred Rosen, and continued with Mexican food, South American wines, and good conversations between activists young and old.

A few things became evident at the launch party. First, Naclistas like to party! We stayed late into the evening, outlasting even most of the students. Second, this marriage will work. The enthusiasm of both NACLA supporters and CLACS members for the partnership was gratifying, and the synchronicity of our missions became even clearer. And, for the new staff, it was great to put faces to names and meet our New York-area NACLA supporters. We look forward to an ongoing relationship.

We will be posting pictures from the party on our site soon. Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate NACLA's future! 

What's New at the NACLA Store

* NEW BOOKS In the latest Report on the Americas, we review the latest releases by NACLA contributors Raul Zibechi and Marina Sitrin, both of which offer fascinating examinations of current disruptive social movements in Latin America. If you like what you read, both Territories in Resistance ($19.95) and Everyday Revolutions ($24.95) are now available at the NACLA Store, where all your purchases are tax-free and the proceeds go directly back into this organization.



The Latest from the NACLA Blogs:

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We want to hear what you have to say! Whether you totally agree with our authors or passionately dispute the angle of an article, leave a comment. With your participation, NACLA online can be a rich forum for discussion on the Latin America topics of the day.

Stay tuned for upcoming interviews, event announcements, and previews.

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