NACLA Update 3/21/13: The Pope's History Reflects the Church's Past / U.S. Elections and the War on Drugs




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The Pope's History Reflects the Church's Past
Kyle Barron
The election of Pope Francis has brought many issues to the fore that represent not just the complexity of a person, but the complexity of the Catholic Church. This was especially true at the time the most controversial chapters in his history were being written.
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U.S. Elections and the War on Drugs
Colletta Youngers
President Obama’s election in 2008 raised hopes that Washington would finally put an end to the decades-long “war on drugs." After all, Obama had admitted using drugs himself and actually enjoying it—going well beyond former President Bill Clinton’s ridicule-attracting assertion that he had smoked pot but "did not inhale."
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Keving Edmonds: Confronting Crisis: The Need for Political Innovation in the Caribbean Flowing

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