NACLA Update: Latino Youth Activists Teach Murrieta and the Nation A Civics Lesson



NACLA Update



Summer Issue: Reimagining Drug Policy in the Americas

Latin America is now at the vanguard of international efforts to promote drug policy reform: Bolivia has rewritten its constitution to recognize the right to use the coca leaf for traditional and legal purposes, Uruguay has become the first nation in the world to adopt a legal, regulated Cannabis market, and Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, and Ecuador are openly critiquing the prevailing international drug control paradigm at the UN. And now with the United States itself relaxing its marijuana laws state by state, the U.S. prohibitionist drug war strategies are losing credibility in the region.

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Carlos Slim’s Empire Broken Up But Oligarchs Still Control Mexico

Peter Watt

Watered down telecoms reforms represent a victory for big business in Mexico.


Latino Youth Activists Teach Murrieta and the Nation A Civics Lesson

Alfonso Gonzales

This July 4, embodying the true values of civic democracy, Latino youth activists protested the anti-migrant mob that turned away 140 Central American refugees in Murrieta, California.


Advice on Public Spending from an Undocumented Felon

Claudia S. Hernández

Hernández matches striking figures with striking stories in an insider’s look at immigrant detention.


Conservatives in Uruguay Want to Put More Youth in Prison. Civil Society is Saying No.

Debbie Sharnak

The "No a la baja" campaign in Uruguay protests a new law coming to vote that would lower the age of criminal responsibility, unfairly pinpointing adolescents as the perpetrators of crime and insecurity.


The U.S. Roots of the Central American Immigrant Influx

Gabriel Schivone

The rise in unauthorized border crossings by Central American migrants demonstrates how U.S. immigration control and foreign policy in Latin America combine to produce violent results.


The U.S. Re-militarization of Central America and Mexico

Alexander Main

The Obama administration has expanded its financing of Mexican and Central American military forces—many of whom committed the mass killing and torture of political opponents and indigenous communities only two decades prior.


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