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We've been bringing you articles from the Spring 2014 Edition "Mexico: The State Against the Working Class." 

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																			 Good Enough to Work: Low Pay and No Rights 

Peter Watt

Mexicans make up the highest number of underpaid workers in the world’s most powerful economy. Much of the story of Mexican migrants in the United States can be seen as a criminalization of poverty.

Free Alan Gross by Freeing the Cuban Five

Arturo Lopez-Levy

If the U.S. wants Cuba to release USAID contractor Alan Gross, it should give up its own political prisoners from Cuba.

Bogotá Mayor’s Ouster Undermines Political Struggle for an Inclusive City

Emily Achtenberg

In a setback for local democracy, political rights, and the struggle for a sustainable, inclusive city, President Santos ratified the dismissal of leftist Bogotá mayor Gustavo Petro, defying a ruling by the IACHR.

The World Cup and the Neoliberal Transformation of Brazilian Cities

Brian Mier

As the World Cup approaches, Rio's favelas experience new versions of neoliberal development, complete with gentrification, private security, and failed public transportation.  

President Santos to Apologize for Uribe's Slander 

Luke Finn

A judge rules seven years later on a case of the Colombian State against trade unionists. In the middle of an election race, President Santos will have to publicly apologize for crimes his main rival committed.

Why USAID’s Cuban Twitter Program was Secret

Jeremy Bigwood

The Associated Press' story on the U.S.-backed Cuban Twitter program is only part of a long history of secret programs in Cuba and around the world. I have been filing FOIA requests on USAID for the past decade, to be met each time with minimal response, if at all.

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