NACLA Update: Police Protests in Bolivia / Mexico's Growing Film Industry + more



Guadalajara Takes New Leading Role In Mexican Film

José Raúl Guzmán

This year, Mexico's film talent took center stage in international film festivals and awards ceremonies—with the city of Guadalajara as its powerhouse.

Bolivia’s Military and Police Protests: The “Children of Evo” Speak Out

Emily Achtenberg

In recent months, Bolivia has witnessed dramatic rebellions by rank-and-file military and police officers. Are these mobilizations a threat to the goverment of President Evo Morales, or an example of pragmatic protest politics at work during an election year?

Love and Activism: An interview with Ani Cordero

Sebastian Muñoz-Najar

NACLA talked with musician Ani Cordero about her latest album, Recordar, and the relationship between music and politics in Latin America.

Global Climate Change in Rural Colombia Is About More Than Just the Climate

Alejandro Camargo

Combating global climate change, beyond bracing for environmental effects, must address structural inequalities that disempower rural families in Colombia.

Child Migrants Are Refugees the U.S. Helped Create

Nathalie Baptiste

Central American children fleeing poverty and gang violence are refugees—and should be treated as such.

Un Verano en Nueva York (A Summer of Latin Alternatives)

Ed Morales

On its fifteenth anniversary, this year's Latin Alternative Music Conference sought to redefine the meaning of "alternative" in Latin music.

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