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EVENT REMINDER: TOMORROW, FRIDAY FEB 22nd. Investigative journalist Julie López, author of Gerardi: Death in God's Neighborhood, will discuss her book and its unsettling findings in a NACLA exclusive event. That's TOMORROW, FRIDAY FEB. 22nd, 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. @ NACLA. (The date was mistakenly listed in last week's newsletter).

Gerardi: Death in God's neighborhood opens a window into a dark page of Guatemala's postwar: the April 1998 killing of Bishop Juan Gerardi, who dedicated the last years of his life to give a voice to the victims of the internal civil conflict. López's in-depth journalistic book explores the murder 's hypotheses and their ripple effect in the Catholic Church, Army, and Presidency, and how the case became a mined field with blurry borders between good and evil. 

"Lopez's disclosure of military of the military involvement in Bishop Gerardi's killing is particularly important right now, as former president General Ríos Montt faces trial for human rights abuses," says Gerardo Renique, associate professor of history at City College of New York and NACLA contributor, who helped organize the event.

Here's an article that highlights the importance of international accountability for war crimes in Guatemala. We hope to see you there!

Center for Latin American Studies at NYU
53 Washington Square South, Fl. 4W, Room 404, NYC 212-998-8638 or for more information

Free and open to the public. Bring your ID for easy entrance.

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