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September 17, 2021

As a new school year begins, NACLA’s mission to offer progressive news and analysis of Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States remains as crucial as ever. Will you support this work by joining our Back to School with NACLA fall campaign? 

For a limited time, purchase a gift for yourself and for the students and educators in your life and ensure a new generation of progressive leaders can benefit from our work as an instrument of change

Since its founding over 50 years ago, NACLA has been a vital pedagogical resource for students and educators across the Americas. Back in 1966, following the U.S. invasion of the Dominican Republic, a group of students in the “New Left”' sought to shed light on the ravages of U.S. imperialism in the Americas. Ever since, generations of students, activists, and educators have built on and expanded this legacy by putting NACLA’s research and analysis into action in course syllabi, solidarity campaigns, cutting edge programming, and grassroots research. 

During these critical times, will you help continue our mission to provide tools for decolonial, anti-imperialist education to a new generation of students and teachers? In the next four months alone, six Latin American countries will hold presidential elections, raising key questions about the near- and long-term future of U.S.–Latin American relations. Your support ensures NACLA can continue to provide a platform for diverse left perspectives across the Americas and to promote analysis and research crucial to understanding the world today. 

Your tax-deductible gift not only helps us advocate for a more socially just hemisphere, we also want to thank you for your support by offering the following gifts:

  • $10 to $29 - NACLA logo sticker & bookmark
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Can we count on you for your support?

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