50th Anniversary Issue, Brazil Syllabus, the Migrant Caravan, and more!


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If you haven't seen it already, our 50th anniversary issue is now in print, as well as available online open-access through the end of November!


As we complete our 50th year of research, publication, and activism, we look back in this issue of the NACLA Report to where we have been, how we got there, and some of the challenges—and opportunities—that lie ahead. This issue captures NACLA's expansive breadth and depth of coverage over five decades. The issue attempts to fit 50 years of history into a single volume, following flashpoints in Latin American history and politics over the past five decades, and NACLA's coverage of them.


On the web in the past few weeks, we've highlighted several excerpts from the special anniversary issue, including the Editors' Introduction, as well as Greg Grandin's reflections on how NACLA's 1979 coverage of the rise of right-wing military dictatorships is just as valuable today as it was almost four decades ago. Keep your eyes peeled to read more pieces from the issue posted on our website in coming weeks.


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Plus, don't miss our syllabus compiling our recent coverage on Brazilian politics in the wake of Jair Bolsonaro's devastating win in the recent elections. It's a valuable resource as we confront the coming challenges to justice and democracy in the country. 


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November 5, 2018

Little more than three decades after the end of dictatorship, Jair Bolsonaro’s win in the Brazilian elections forebodes a crackdown on democratic institutions from the university to the press to the judiciary.

November 2, 2018
Cuba’s new constitution, currently under debate, leaves many rights and guarantees uncertain and ambiguous. 
October 30, 2018
How can we understand the rise in Venezuelan migration in recent years?
October 29, 2018
Jair Bolsonaro has propelled anger and vitriol against the Left, the poor, and so-called identity politics to the surface of Brazilian society. After his win, what’s next?
October 26, 2018

By 1979, much of the southern cone had fallen to right-wing military dictatorships in an era defined by militarist anti-communism, the defeat of the working class movement, and the emergence of neoliberalism. From our 50th anniversary issue, available open access for a limited time.

October 25, 2018

Ahead of Brazil's election Sunday, a look at the context and recent history of Brazil's beleaguered politics 

October 25, 2018

Ahead of his inauguration, president-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) has warmed up to NAFTA as he eyes fossil fuel expansion.

October 22, 2018

The Workers’ Party’s presidential candidate stands between Brazil and fascism. Fernando Haddad’s time as both Education Minister and mayor of São Paulo attests to the kinds of progressive policies he would promote as president

Border Wars
October 22, 2018

The 7,000-person strong caravan from Central America has made international headlines and been targeted by the Trump administration. But the roots of the refugee crisis that led to the caravan go much deeper. 

October 19, 2018

NACLA's editors introduce NACLA's 50th anniversary issue

October 18, 2018

In Cuba, the debate over marriage equality reflects a changing society. This is the third installment in NACLA's forum on Cuba’s constitutional reform.

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