Now Available Open Access: "On Sovereignties and Solidarities"



Happy Sunday Naclistas,

We hope you are staying safe amid these trying and uncertain times.

We also hope your Sunday reading list is still manageable enough for you to consider "On Sovereignties and Solidarities," which appears in the spring 2020 issue of the NACLA Report. In it, authors Julio César Guanche Zaldívar and Sara Kozameh argue that "to improve relations with Cuba, U.S. politicians must first develop a foreign policy guided by tenets of respect, cooperation, and mutual assistance." The article along with several others from "A Peoples' Policy for the Americas" will be available open access for a limited time. Thank you for reading!

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March 20, 2020
The United States must abandon Cold War-era foreign policies and accept that Cuba is a sovereign nation free to define its political future—even if that means continuing socialism.