Our latest issue, "Radical Cities," is now available online!

Our latest issue, "Radical Cities," is now available online! 

¡The winter issue of the NACLA Report is here just in time for the holidays! "Radical Cities in Latin America: Past and Present" is a collaboration with NYU's Urban Democracy Lab (UDL) that covers everything from housing movements in Montevideo to radical forms of participatory democracy in Mexico City. 

The story of radical cities in Latin America begins in the 1980s amid austerity and the advent of neoliberalism a decade later, as Gianpaolo Baocchi and Heather Gies note in the Editor's Introduction of the Report. In recent months, we have seen massive protests in countries like Haiti, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and Chile resisting these same policies. How we understand the legacy and influence of radical urban movements is therefore vital to understanding the present, as well as alternatives for the future.

Be sure to check out several articles from the issue available open access from now through early Spring. We'll also be posting a few Spanish-language versions on the web. In the meantime, you can read the editor's intro by UDL Director Gianpaolo Baocchi and NACLA managing editor Heather Gies.

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*Cover image by Toni Marco, "Ciudades Invisibles"