Our latest issue, "Todxs Somos Trabajadorxs," is now available online!

Our latest issue, "Todxs Somos Trabajadorxs," is now available online! 

As summer draws to a close and the Fall semester approaches, we're excited to announce the release of our latest issue, "Todxs Somos Trabajadorxs," which takes a critical perspective on everything from technology and the gig economy to informal work, workers' strikes, and more generally, the struggles to build worker power and labor justice around the region.

This issue explores these struggles across various contexts. When taken together, they force us to reconfigure and, at times, cast aside old notions of labor, laborers, and labor struggles. Such is the case for child workers in the streets of Lima and the emotional work they perform in the context of family struggles for survival amid state neglect. It’s a point that Silvia Federici, interviewed by Graciela Monteagudo, powerfully underscores when addressing sex work: a feminist focus on labor rights must denounce exploitation across industries, both in the context of the fight to decriminalize sex work and beyond. 

Be sure to check out several articles from the issue available open access from now through November. We'll also be posting a few Spanish-language versions on the web. In the meantime, you can read the editor's intro by former NACLA Managing Editor Laura Weiss.

Thank you for reading! 

*Cover image by Leandro Torchio/Aton Chile. 

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