This Week on Covid-19 Hits Paraguay, Colombia's Worsening Environmental Crisis Under Duque & More


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This week's Photo of the Week belongs to Olivia Garcia. Olivia is an NYU undergraduate student pursuing a double major in Global Liberal Studies and Romance Languages. She is a New York native and amateur photographer. She shoots film and digital, focusing on absence, memory, and nostalgia. Her latest projects have focused on photography and memories in post-dictatorial Argentina. Many thanks for the submission!

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Argentine artist Claudia Fontes' sculpture Reconstruction of the Portrait of Pablo Míguez." Image courtesy of Olivia Garcia.

"Argentine artist Claudia Fontes' sculpture Reconstruction of the Portrait of Pablo Míguez." Image courtesy of Olivia Garcia. 

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April 23, 2020
As Paraguay fights off a global pandemic, the govenment is debating—perhaps misplaced—reform.  
April 21, 2020
Piñera refleja una mentalidad conservadora de hondas raíces históricas en Chile.    
April 20, 2020
Despite President Iván Duque's campaign rhetoric about environmental sustainability, his administration has opened up conflict-ridden regions to foreign multinationals.
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