This Week on Maduro's Narcoterrorism Charges, An Excerpt of "The Five Hundred Year Rebellion" & More


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This week's Photo of the Week comes from the Tierra del Fuego archipelago, which includes the southernmost part off the South American mainland. Many thanks to Devin Lee, a student of Latin American studies and political science at New York University, for the submission. According to her bio, she is particularly in the history and politics of photography in Argentina, which she is writing a thesis on. And in her photography, she enjoys candid and commonplace subjects that she encounters by accident, usually while on a long walk.

"Tierra del Fuergo" (Argentina, 2019) by Devin Lee. 

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On that note, please find below the week's articles published on, which include an excerpt adapted from Ben Dangl's new book The Five Hundred Year Rebellion: Indigenous Movements and the Decolonization of History in Bolivia, as well as a breakdown of the dubious narco-terrorism charges against Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro and a Spanish-language translation of Kevin A. Young and Atenea Jiménez Lemon's article published in the spring volume of the NACLA Report (read the English version here).

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April 9, 2020
Escuchar las exigencias de y necesidades de los que viven las consecuencias de la política estadounidense es clave para construir relaciones justas, democráticas, y cooperativas.    
April 7, 2020
New narco-terrorism charges against Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro are notable for their lack of evidence.  
April 6, 2020
In this adapted excerpt from his new book, Benjamin Dangl delves into the ways oral history, collective memory, and grassroots historical research have played a key role in Bolivian Indigenous movements. 
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