NACLA is so much more than just a magazine.

We have a long tradition of stimulating public debate and informed activism around major issues in the Americas. Here are a few of the ways we do it:

Information and Media Activism

The core of NACLA's work has always been information and media activism -- providing people with the information they need to change the world. We do this in a number of ways: our flagship publication, NACLA Report on the Americas; our other books, anthologies and pamphlets; and our web resource center,, where we publish original reporting, analysis and commentary, bring readers the best information on Latin America from around the web, and host an archive of our previously published material.

Popular Education Events

NACLA hosts and collaborates on a wide range of conferences, seminars, teach-ins, and workshops that bring activists, students, journalists, scholars and others together. Recently, we've brought Honduran radio reporter Félix Molina to New York and co-sponsored a documentary about architecture in Cuba during the revolution. For a listing of current events,visit the events page at CLACS at NYU, where all NACLA events are now posted.

The Samuel Chavkin Investigative Journalism Program

The Samuel Chavkin Investigative Journalism program supports and promotes independent critical research and analysis by encouraging and disseminating original, rigorous journalistic reporting on the Americas. There are two components to the program: the Chavkin Investigative Journalism Fund and the Chavkin Award for Integrity in Journalism in Latin America. The Fund awards grants to aspiring and established writers whose investigative research projects promise to bring to light pressing but under-reported social, political and cultural issues in contemporary Latin America, the Caribbean and their diasporas. The Award for Integrity in Journalism in Latin America is given to established journalists recognizing their body of investigative work on underreported stories from Latin America. For more on the Chavkin Program, click here.

Other Current Activities and Programs

Podcast interviews with Latin American scholars and activists
-, a web-based library of images of the late artist Rini Templeton, a longtime friend of NACLA.
- NYC Grassroots Media Coalition.
- Latin America Solidarity Coalition.