The Cast of Characters

September 25, 2007

SALVADOR ALLENDE: President of Chile. Elected September 4, 1970 and inaugura SALVADOR ALLENDE: President of Chile. Elected September 4, 1970 and inaugura
3, 1970. Member of the Socialist Party.
JORGE ALESSANDRI: Conservative Chilean presidential candidate in 1970. Member of the National
Party. Member of an old and wealthy Chilean family. President of Chile from 1958-1964.
GREGORIO AMUNATEGUI: A Representative of Alessandri.
ROBERT BERRELLEZ: ITT field operative now based in Buenos Aires. Long-time Associated Press
reporter in Latin America.
WILLIAM V. BROE: "The mysterious representative," "contact," from the "McLean Agency." He was
then the Director of the CIA's Latin American Division of Clandestine Services.
JOHN CRIMMONS: Deputy to Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs, Charles Meyer.
AGUSTIN EDWARDS: Member of one of the most prominent and wealthy Chilean families. He owns
controlling interests in El Mercurio, Chile's largest daily, and notably anti-UP. At pre-
sent, he is a Vice-President of Pepsi-Cola in the United States
JOHN FISHER: Then head of the State Department's Bureau of Andean and Pacific Affairs.
EDUARDO FREI: Member of the Christian Democratic Party and President of Chile from 1964-1970.
Currently the leader of the conservative wing of the Christian Democrats, the main oppo-
sition to the Unidad Popular government.
HAROLD GENEEN: President and Chairman of the Board of ITT. Collects the highest salary in the
world, which was $776,755 in 1970.
E.J. GERRITY: ITT Senior Vice-President in charge of Public Relations.
JACK GUILFOYLE: ITT Vice-President in Washington.
HAL HENDRIX: ITT field operative who works out of New York and Miami. Former Scripps-Howard
ENNO HOBBING: Staff director at the Council for Latin America, the Rockefeller-controlled
organization representing U.S. multinational corporations in Latin America. A former
Life editor who, according to the Washington Post, worked intermitently for the CIA.
U. ALEXIS JOHNSON: Under Secretary of State.
EDWARD M. KORRY: U.S. Ambassador to Chile during the Frei Administration. Former Look corres-
pondent. He now works with Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC, the U.S.
government's private development loan guarantee organization which has millions of dollars
in claims against it for U.S. copper interests expropriated by Allende),
JOHN McCONE: Director of the CIA (1962-65) and now a Director of ITT and other corporations.
ARTURO MATTE: A member of one of the richest and most influential Chilean families. Along with
the Alessandri family, controlled or influenced 69 corporations, amounting to 16.1% of the
total (1960) Chilean capital investments.
WILLIAM R. MERRIAM: Vice-President in charge of ITT's Washington office.
CHARLES A. MEYER: Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs. Former Director
and Vice-President in charge of Latin American operatives for Sears Roebuck. (He supposed-
ly detests the nickname "Chuck".)
JOHN N. MITCHELL: Attorney General. Resigned recently to manage Nixon's campaign committee.
J.D. NEAL: A lobbyist for ITT.
RENE SCHNEIDER: Commander-in-Chief of the Chilean Army and committed to non-intervention in the
political process. Assassinated in October 1970.
VIRON VAKY: Latin American expert on Kissinger's national security staff. He now teaches at
Georgetown University.
ROBERTO VIAUX: Chilean Army General arrested and tried for the Schneider killing. He is cur-
rently awaiting sentencing.

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