Frequently Asked Questions

Is NACLA still in print?

Yes! 50 years and counting. Longtime followers of NACLA’s work will recall that the print magazine suspended operations in 2014, but returned from the hiatus in 2016 in full force. Starting in 2016, NACLA’s quarterly magazine is published by Taylor & Francis. 

I am thinking about subscribing. How does it work?

Beginning in 2022, when you sign up for a one-year subscription, you will receive the next four new issues of the NACLA Report. Previously, our subscriptions were for the four issues published within the calendar year in which you took out a subscription.

Why is the subscription so expensive?

Staying in print all these years has come with costs. When we faced a choice between no longer publishing the Report in print or partnering with a third party publisher, Taylor & Francis, we chose the latter, which has meant higher rates. We are pleased, however, to offer student subscriptions at a discounted price. Your subscription allows NACLA to remain in print, cover editorial costs, and provide the fiercely independent, deeply reported, and politically progressive analysis of the Americas that NACLA has always stood for. 

Why doesn’t NACLA publish articles from the magazine online?

Our print publishing agreement with Taylor & Francis does not allow us to reproduce magazine articles on our website. However, a few articles from each issue will be available open access for a limited time after the magazine’s publication. We will share these open access articles on our website, on social media, and in our newsletter. Read the latest here

Is there a digital subscription option?

At this time there is no digital subscription to the NACLA Report. (Sign up for our newsletter if you want to hear from NACLA regularly online!) 

I subscribe to the NACLA Report, and I have an issue with/question about my subscription. What should I do?

Please send us an email with any questions or concerns at  

How can I access NACLA’s archives?

NACLA’s full physical archive is housed at Tamiment Library at New York University’s Bobst Library. As of 2016, digital versions of print articles are archived on the website of our publisher, Taylor & Francis, accessible via an institutional subscription. If you are a student or researcher seeking access to a specific article, send us an email at