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NACLA and Global Voices explore various issues concerning Latin America and the United States in a series of weekly posts that combine analysis on current political issues with exploration of local voices in blogs and social media.

LGBT Conference in Cuba Surrounded by Expectations and Controversy
May 5, 2014
Expectations are looming over the Sixth Regional Conference of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association for Latin America and the Caribbean (ILGALAC), which will take place in Cuba from May 6 to 10, 2014.
Snapshots of Female Journalists in Mexico City
Dec 24, 2013
Despite the low salaries and the dangers that come with being a reporter in one of the most dangerous countries for journalists in the Americas, some Mexican female journalists continue working and thriving in the profession. In this post, we introduce you to four of these brave female journalists. 
We Are More Alive Than Ever: Coral Herrera and Gender Equality, Part 2
Dec 17, 2013
In the first part of our dialog about the work of artist, blogger, and scholar Coral Herrera, we discussed the opportunities presented by new technology for gender equality and the social struggle for the rights of women and LGBT persons. This time we will enter into a discussion about the struggle for gender equality in Latin America.
Gender, Sexuality, and New Media: An Interview with Coral Herrera, Part 1
Dec 12, 2013
Coral Herrera's writings analyze structural problems in Western societies and the discomfort that arises in the intimate lives of men and women. Her work conducts a deconstructive critique of the causes and consequences of societal norms and the imaginaries that we defend without knowing why.
Proyecto Arcoiris Claims LGBT Presence in Cuban Politics
Dec 2, 2013
In July of 2011, Project Arcoiris (The Rainbow Project) was born. It all began when activist Yasmin Silvia Portales shared her dissatisfaction with the absence, at the time, of spaces for meeting the social demands of sexually diverse persons and for advocating for sexual and reproductive rights.
Adoption, Bigotry, Collagen: Some ABCs of Puerto Rico's LGBT
Nov 27, 2013
Puerto Rico has a complicated and oftentimes contradictory history regarding gender and sexuality. In the second posting of NACLA-Global Voices' new series, Angel Carrión lays out an initial framework for understanding the LGBT movement in Puerto Rico today.
NACLA-Global Voices Partnership Tackles Gender & Sexuality in Latin America
Nov 18, 2013
As part of the partnership between Global Voices and NACLA, a team of five Global Voices authors from Latin America and the Caribbean will contribute weekly articles for a series about women, gender, and LGBT issues. We asked these five authors to tell us why they think that covering these themes in the region is important.
Hangout—Global Voices Face: Dreams of U.S. Immigration Reform
Nov 11, 2013
On Friday Global Voices aired their online hangout session “Dreams of U.S. Immigration Reform” as part of the NACLA-Global Voices collaboration “Migrant Journeys.” The hangout included activists and experts—including NACLA’s own Alfonso Gonzales—in the movement for immigration reform who discussed what the proposed reform could mean for the daily lives of millions of immigrants.
Derailment of ‘La Bestia,’ Another Tragedy in a Broken Immigration System
Sep 4, 2013
On August 25, 2013 a cargo train derailed in southern Mexico killing 11 Central American migrants who were hitching a ride on top of the freight cars. At least 250 Central Americans were estimated to have been riding on the train before it derailed, injuring another 18 migrants.
Choosing ‘Exile’ Over Break-up, US Citizens Follow ‘Banned’ Spouses Abroad
Aug 28, 2013
Happily ever after is not always so simple for foreigners in the United States with complicated immigration histories who marry U.S. citizens. The details like how they arrived in the United States or how long they've been there can mean the difference between starting a life with their new family and immigration laws not allowing them to stay.
NACLA-Global Voices Podcast—Latin America: Migrant Journeys
Aug 8, 2013
As part of the NACLA-Global Voices series, Latin America: Migrant Journeys, we talk to Global Voices contributor Robert Valencia and NACLA writer Joseph Nevins about what the U.S. immigration reform legislation means for migrant communities.
Immigrants: Much More Than an Abstract Number (Part II)
Jul 30, 2013
In the second part of this interview, Mexican journalist and author Eileen Truax offers her insights on the immigration bill that the U.S. Senate recently passed, and she explains why “the DREAMers” offer an example of the contributions of immigrants to the United States.
Immigrants: Much More Than an Abstract Number
Jul 26, 2013
In an interview, Mexican journalist and author Eileen Truax offers her insights on the immigration bill that the U.S. Senate recently passed, and she explains why “the DREAMers” offer an example of the contributions of immigrants to the United States.
Mexico Becomes Destination for Migrants
Jul 15, 2013
Most migrants at the Tochan shelter in Mexico once dreamt of reaching the United States. But cartel violence running along the train tracks, as well as the increased security along the U.S. border, has made Mexico become a new destination country for migrants.
Decisive Moment for the Pro-Immigration Movement in the United States
Jul 9, 2013
It has been almost 30 years since the U.S. pro-immigration movement has gotten so close to witnessing the passage of comprehensive legislation. This post is part of our series on Latin America: Migrant Journeys in collaboration with Global Voices.