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In each issue of our quarterly print magazine the NACLA Report, we explore a single theme in depth. Here you'll find additional online-only content related to those themes, complementing the analysis in the pages of the Report. For more from the magazine, check out our recent articles section for a selection of pieces from each issue that are freely available online for a limited time after the publication. 

Spring 2022: Chavismo Revisited

This issue takes Venezuela’s April 2002 coup as a springboard to revisit the significance of the turning point for Venezuela, the Americas, and the larger Left. Two decades later, Chavismo nominally remains in power under Hugo Chávez’s successor Nicolás Maduro. But it is as a full-fledged authoritarian government, having bested an insurrectionary opposition, weathered crippling U.S. sanctions, and undergone a staggering humanitarian crisis while sacrificing much of the promise that Chavismo once represented for millions. How did we get here?

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