Documents: US Naval Activity: 1946-1969

September 25, 2007

(The following list represents only major/ minor conflicts or crises where U.S. Naval nits were involved as prime factors, alerted r redeploved.) Turkey (4/46): USSR-Iran hostilities and SSR-Turkey diplomatic tensions; Naval nit deployed as affirmation of U.S. inten- ons to shore up Turks against Soviet m- eriallsm. Trieste (7/46): Trieste ownership dispute; .S. and British Naval units dispatched to :ene with open warfare imminent. Com- ienced Adriatic Patrol which lasted until rleste issue resolved in 1954. Greece (9/46): Political crisis. Naval Units .sit requested by U.S. Ambassador. Indochina War (11/46-7/54): Naval units nployed in evacuation, assistance, alert status. Israel (6/48-4/49): Naval units assigned N mediator for the Palestine Truce. Evacu- ted UN team eventually in July. Greek Civil War (46-49): Presence and alert. Korea (50-53) : Combat operations. Tachens Crisis (7/54-2/55): Evacuation of civilians/military personnel alert and opera- tions. Vietnam Guerrilla War (/65-Present): Presence, assistance, combat operations. Red Sea (2/56): Naval unit patrols estab- lished in view of developing Suez Crisis. Jordan Tension (5/56): Provided presence. Pre-Suez Tension (7/56): Alert. Suez War (10-11/56): Alert, evacuation provided presence. Jordan Crisis (4/57): External conspiracy charged with intent to subvert Jordan. Naval units dispatched. Kinmen Island (7/57): Communist shell- ing. Naval units dispatched to defend Taiwan. Haiti Disorders (6/57): Alert, surface pa- trols. Syria Crisis (8-12/57) : Alert, provided pres- ence. Lebanon Civil War (/58): Support opera- tions, Jordan/Iraq Unrest (8-12/58): Alert, sur- veillance, surface patrol. Cuba Civil War (12/56-12/58): Alert, evac- uation, provided presence. Quemoy-Matsu Crisis (9-10/58): Evacua- tioll, combat operations. Panama Invasion (4/59): Provided pres- ence. Berlin Crisis (5-9/59) : Alert, provided pres- ence. Nationalist China-Communist China Crisis (7/59): Provided persence. Panama Demonstrations (8 & 11/SO) : Alert. Laos Civil War (12/80-5/61): Alert, pro- dded presence. Congo Civil War (7/60-8/83): Alert, evac- uastion. Caribbean Tension (4-12/80): Alert, air and surface patrols. Ouatemala-Nicaragua (11/60): Alert, air and surface patrols. Bay of Pigs Crisis (5/61): Alert. ZanzibarRiots (8/81): Alert. Berlin Crisis (9/81-5/62): Alert, provided presence. Dominican Republic (11-12/61): Alert, air and surface patrols. Guantanamo Tension (1 and 7/62): Alert. provided presence. Guatemala (3/62): Alert, provided pres- ence. Thailand (5/62): Alert, provided presence. Quemoy-Matsu Crisis (8-62): Provided presence. Cuban Missile Crisis (10-11/62): Provided presence and intervention. Yemen Revolts (2-4/83): Alert, provided presence, surface patrols. Laos Tension (4/63): Alert, provided presence. Jordan Crisis (4/83): Alert, provided pres- ence, surface patrols. Caribbean Tensions (1963): Alert, air and surface patrols. Vietnam Civil Disorders (8-9 and 10/63): Alert, air and surface patrols. Dominican Republic (9/63): Alert. South Vietnam Crisis (11/63): Following death of President Diem. Provided presence. Indonesia-Malaysia (12/63): Alert, pro- vided presence. Panama (1-4/64): Alert, provided presence and evacuation. Guantanamo Tensions (4-7/64): Provided presence, surface patrols. Panama (5/64): Provided presence. Dominican Republic (6 and 7/64): Air and surface patrols. Tonkin Gulf (8/64): Combat operations. Dominican Republic (4/65): Interventiom and combat operations. Arab-Israeli War (6/67): Alert, provided presence, covered evacuation of U.S. citizens. Pueblo Capture (1-4/68): Redeployment of forces; maintained presence in area to take actions as directed. EC-121 Loss (4/69): Redeployed forces; maintained presence to take actions as di- rected. S 6958- 18 - This R2 vehicle, one of a number now in use by the Mexico City Police Department, will carry 15 fully armed police safely into the center of a riot action. Built on an Allis Chalmers M-4 high-speed tracked chassis and powered by a 210-h.p. Waukesha gasoline engine, its maximum speed is 35 m.p.h. with a fuel range of 150 miles, and the air-conditioned carrier may be pressurized against the entry of gas. NEW MEXICAN COUNTERINSURGENCY WEAPON --- Made in the U.S.A. Shown at left is the R2 armored patrol vehicle, manufactured by the B & H Company of Leesburg, Fla., and especial- ly designed for urban counterinsurgency. operations. According to police expert Col. Rex Applegate, "A number of these units have been sold abroad, and many U.S. departments are now considering procurement due to the definite need not only for transport into riot-prone areas but also for a secure command and communications base and as a means of dispersal of chemical agents." (Photo and caption from Ordnance maga- zine, Sept.-Oct. 1969.)

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