Editor’s Note

May 12, 2011

Subscribers to the NACLA Report on the Americas cannot have failed to notice that we’ve been delayed recently. Our sincere apologies! The holdups have been a result of understaffing, which has been now been addressed. For the first time in years, we have been able to hire an associate editor, and a new circulation manager will soon be joining us as well. This progress is a result of NACLA’s winter fundraising appeal, which was a big success, and for that we have only our readers and donors to thank.


The magazine will be getting back on schedule in the next few issues, which will cover alternative approaches to the Mexican drug crisis, Cuba’s efforts to salvage its revolution, and much more. Also check out nacla.org/blog, which we rolled out in May. Featuring five bloggers, this new feature of our website is updated daily, providing commentary on and analysis of various countries and thematic areas.


We thank you for your patience.



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