An Inventory of Government-Sponsored Foreign Affairs Research

September 25, 2007

Project Title/Sponsoring Agency/Contract Number/Amount of Contract/ Principal Oranization When Active/Classification (if known): Researcher(s): Abt Associates, Symposium: Great World Problems of the Next Decade/DoS/$12,700/1966/ Cambridge, Mass. POLITICA--A Manual Countersubversion and Counterconspiracy Game (Project Clark Abt Agile)/ARPA/65-66/ URB-COIN--A Manual Counterinsurgency Game (Project Agile)/ARPA/65-66/ Clark Abt American Institutes Research on Relationships Between U.S. Troops and Indigenous Populations for Research, in Developing Countries/Army/$200,OO/FY 67/ Pittsburgh, Pa. Research on Army Command Information Orientation of Troops for Community Relations (emphasis: Korea, Thailand)/Army/FY 68/ American University, Center for Research on Social Systems (CRESS), Washington, D.C. Note: CRESS is the Federal Contract Research Center (FCRC) responsible for social science research relevant to U.S. Army operations in the fields of counterinsurgency, psychological warfare, and military civic action. CRESS, originally known as the Special Operations Research Office (SORO), is composed of the Social Science Research Institute (SSRI) and the Cultural Information Analysis Center (CINFAC). SSRI is the research arm of CRESS, while CINFAC is the Department of Defense Information Analysis Center responsible for collecting, storing and disseminating information on counterinsurgen- cy operations in underdeveloped areas. CRESS received $1,900,000 from the DoD in fiscal 1968 for these activities. Major Programs: Strategic and Tactical Factors Underlying Military Counterinsurgency Operations/ARO/$69,000 in FY 67/ Reports: Challenge and Response in Internal Conflict (3 Vols.), Vol. I, The Experience in Asia; Vol. II, The Experience in Europe and the Middle East; Vol. III, The Experience in Africa and Latin America. Study of Military Resistance to Communist Underground Movements/ARO/$58,000 in FY 66/Reports: Human Factors Considerations of Undergrounds in Insurgencies, by Andrew Molnar, Jerry Tinker, and John LeNoir (1966); The Communist Movement in South Vietnam--A Case Study in Organization and Strategy 7). Internal Security (formerly titled: Analysis of Military Operations in Support of Internal Security in Developing Nations)/ARO/$84,000 in FY 67/Reports: Combatting Subversively Manipulated Civil Dis- turbances, by Andrew Molnar and Adrian Jones (1966); Characteristics of Civil Disturbances (1967). Changing Roles of the Military in the Contemporary World/ARO/$142,300 in FY 67/Reports: A Survey of Elite Studies, by Carl Beck, James Malloy and William Campbell (1965). Analysis of the Motivational Factors Which Support Counterinsurgency Military Operations/ARO/65-67/ Reports: Working With Peoples in Developing Areas--One Task of the American Soldier Overseas, by John L. Houk (1966). Ethnographic Study Series: Minority Groups in South Vietnam/ARO/65-66/Reports: Brief Notes on the Tahoi, Pacoh and Phuong of the Republic of Vietnam, by Narilou Fromme (1966). Characteristics of Societies Relevant to U.S. Military Interests (continuation of project titled: Sociological and Psychological Vulnerabilities of Hostile and Potential Hostile States)/ARO/$115,000 in FY 67/CONFIDENTIAL/Reports: Psychological Vulnerabilities of the Soviet Union, by James Pacy (1964); North Vietnam (1968); Thailand (1968). Intercultural Comnunications (formerly known as Psychological Operations)/ARO/$143,00 in FY 67/ continuing project/CONFIIENTIAL/Reports: U.S. Army Psychological Operations Handbooks for Afghanistan, Burma, Cambodia, China, Colombia, Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Laos, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Vietnam, Syria, Thailand, Turkey; also, U.S. Army Intercultural Com- munications Guides for Brazil, Venezuela, and the Himalayan Area. D. M. Condit Andrew Molnar Frederick Munson Adrian Jones Norman LaCharite John L. Houk John L. Houk Charles Spinks Arthur D. Little, Inc. Long Range Environmental Studies: USSR and Eastern Europe/Army/FY 68/ Cambridge, Mass.Associates for Inter- Great World Issues of 1980/USAF, Dir. of Plans/contract AF-49(638)-1586/ national Research, Inc., $49,782/FY 66/ Cambridge, Mass. Research on Urban Diseuilibrium (Project Agile)/ARPA/65-66/CONFmDENTIAL Lawrence Barass Atlantic Research Corp., Africa and U.S. National Security/DoD/$2,493/FY 67 Georgetown Research Project, Alexandria, Va. Soviet Military Aid as a Reflection of Soviet Objectives, 1956-67/USAF/ $19,995/FY 68/ Nation-Building Contributions of 12 Latin American Air Forces/USAF/FY 68/ Remote Area Conflict (Project Agile)/ARPA/64-66/Reports: A Depth Study of Hans Weigert Castro-Communist Operations and Insurgency Potentials in Guatemala (1965); A Depth Study of Contemporary Insurgency and Counterinsurgency Operations in Peru, Equador and Bolivia (1964); Internal Security Forces in Venezuela (1965); Follow-up Report on Insurgency and Counterinsurgency Developments in Venezuela (1965); A Depth Study of Communist Insurgency and Government Counteraction in Colombia (1965). Battelle Memorial Long-Range Environmental Studies: The World Environment/Army/FY 68/ Institute, Columbus, Ohio Water Problems of the Middle East (Project Agile)/ARPA/1966 J. R. Irwin J. A. Eibling Bendix Corp., Systems Project Search: Nature of Sublimited (Very Limited) Warfare/ONR/contract Division, N00O-14-66-C262/$86,000/FY 66/ Ann Arbor, Mich. Project Forward: Naval Conflict Characteristics (Past and Future Role of Joseph Coffey the Navy in Limited Warfare)/ONR, Advanced Warfare Systems Div./contract Nonr-4601 (OO)/$45,000/65-66/SECRET/ Project Protect: Problems of U.S. Defense Policy in a World of Nuclear Pro- liferation/USAF/contract AF-49(630)-65-5/$90,000/FY 65/ Project Bisect: U.S.-Communist Chinese Politico-Military Interactions/USAF/ contract AF-49(638)-1776/$92,124/67-68/ Booz-Allen Applied Long Range Environmental Studies/Army/FY 67/ Research, Inc., Chicago, Ill. Brandeis University, Study of Political Attitudes of Youth as a Factor Affecting Economic Develop- Roy Macridis Waltham, Mass. ment/AID/contract AID-csd-824/$250,000/65-68/ John Wahlke Brookings Institute, Transportation and Economic Development/AID/contract AID-repas-5/$1,469,720/ Washington, D.C. 62-67/ Browne and Shaw Project Diffusion Follow-on: International Defense Planning--A Study of Research Corp., Methods for Sharing Skills and Concepts in Defense Policy Planning/OASD,ISA/ Waltham, Mass. $37,036/67-68/ Role of Communist Chinese Trade as an Instrument for Acquiring Foreign Tech- nology/OASD,ISA/$52, 41 7/67-68/ Strengthening International Peacekeeping/OASD, ISA/.$85,569/67-68/ Bucknell University, Achievement Motivation in Military Leadership/USN/FY 68/ Lewisburg, Pa. Bureau of Social Science Aerospace Power and Behavioral Knowledge/USAF/$99,0OO0/67-68/ Research, Washington, DC University of California The Politics of Modernization--Implications for Military Planning/AFOSR, David Apter Berkeley, Cal. Behavioral Sciences Div./contract AFOSR-758-65/$98,191/FY 66/ Implication of Comparative National Development for Military Planning/AFOSR, Seymour Lipset Behavioral Sciences Div./contract AFOSR-227-66/$95,000/FY 66/ Himalayan Border Studies/ARPA/$285, 000/67-68/ University of California The Political Behavior of Foreign Military Elites/AFOSR, Behavioral Sciences Oscar Grusky Los Angeles, Cal. Div./contract AFOSR-769-65/$1 0,000/64-66/ The Future of Deterrence in U.S. Strategy/USAF/$74,665/67-68/-12- Checchi and Company, Application of Communications Satellites to Underdeveloped Nations/NASA and Washington, D.C. AID/NASA: $104,000; AID: $50,000/65--/CONFIDENTIAL/ University of Chicago, Political Development and Modernization in Islamic Countries--Implications Chicago, Ill. for Military Planning/AFOSR/64-68/$64,100/ Studies in Military Sociology/ARO (subcontract from the American University Morris Janowitz Center for Research in Social Systems)/65--/Reports: Public Order and the Military in Africa, by Henry Eisen (1967); Political Development and the Role of the Military in Modern Egypt, by Lou Cantori (1967). Political Development and Modernization in Latin America/AFOSR, Leonard Binder Behavioral Sciences Div./$64,000/64-67/ Columbia University, Research Project on National Income in East Central Europe/CIA/$125,000 Thad Alton School of International annually/61-68/ Affairs, New York, N.Y. Research on the Financial Systems of Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary/ Thad Alton ACDA/$119,200/64-68/ Cornell University, Comparative Study of Social and Cultural Change/AID/contract AID-csd-296/ A. R. Holmberg Ithaca, N.Y. $621,772/53-66/(emphasis: India, Peru, Thailand, Puerto Rico). Agricultural Prices in Economic Development--Their Role, Function and Op- eration/AID/contract AID-csd-1 43 8 /$2 6 6 ,000/66-69/(emphasis: India, Thailand). Cornell Aeronautical Investigation of Categories and Types of Naval Forces/ONR/contract Nonr- R. Stevens Laboratory, Buffalo, 4117(00)/$74,1 74/64-66/SECRET/ Ben Levitt N.Y. Dartmouth College, Transnational Research on Conflict/US/FY 68/ Hanover, N.H. Educational Testing Ser- Risk-taking and Negociation/ARPA/$36,000/67-68 vice, Princeton, N.J. Foundation for Research Symposim on Comparative Social Change in Developing Countries/AID/contract H. W. Peter on Human Behavior, AID-csd-756/$35,000/64-66/ Ann Arbor, Mich. General Electric (TEMPO) Projected International Patterns/USAF/$172,425/66-68/ Santa Barbara, Cal. General Research Corp., Santa Barbara, Cal. (formerly Defense Research Corp.) Counterinsurgency Studies in Latin America: Venezuela, Colombia (Project Agile)/ARPA/1965/CONFIDENTIAL/ Urban Insurgency Studies (Project Agile)/ARPA/1965/CONFIDENTIAL/ R. Holbrook John Sorenson George Washington University, Human Resources Research Office (HumRRO), Arlington, Va. Note: HumRRO is the Federal Contract Research Center (FCRC) responsible for the development of methods to improve the training of the U.S. soldier, and for behavioral science research on motivation, leadership and man/weapon systems. HumRRO Division No. 7 (Language and Area Training) is the principal agency concerned with training programs for U.S. military personnel attached to foreign armed forces as advisors; this unit receives $500,000 annually for this work. All HumRRO programs are subsumed under contract DA-44-188-ARO-2 with the Department of the Army. Major Programs: Development of Guidelines for Training Personnel for Military Assistance Advisory Duties (Work Unit MAP)/ARO/Reports: Advisor and Counterpart Activities in the Military Assistance Program in the Repub- lic of China, by Dean Froehlich (1965); The Design of Cross-Cultural Training for Military Advisors, by Arthur Hoehn (1966). Guidelines for Civic Action Advisors (Work Unit CIVIC)/ARO/continuing project/Reports: The Process of Cross-Cultural Innovation, by Arthur Niehoff and Charnel Anderson (1967); Peasant Fatalism and Socio- economic Innovation, by Arthur Niehoff (1967). Arthur Hoehn Alfred Kraemer Development of Concepts and Techniques for Area Training (Work Unit AREA)/ARO/continuing project/ Alfred Kraemer Reports: Cross-Cultural Problems of U.S. Army Personnel in Laos and Their Implication for Area Train- ing, by Alfred Kraemer and Edward Stewart (1964); Examples of Cross-Cultural Problems Encountered by Americans Working Overseas, by Robert Foster (1965); An Analysis of Human Relations Training and Its Implications for Overseas Performance, by Robert Foster and Jack Danielian (1966). Harvard University, Strategic Analysis of Extra-Legal Internal Political Conflict/DoD/$97,947/ Cambridge, Mass. FY 67/ Measuring Social Change in Developing CountriesA/USAF/$33,000/67-68/ Alex Inkeles Military Implications of Change in Commnist China/USAF/$106,000/67-68/ John Lindbeck Emergent Leaders in Developing Nations/USAF/1968/ University of Hawaii, East-West Values Change/ONR, Group Psychology Branch/contract Nonr- A. Arkoff East-West Center, 4806(00)/$10,000/Fr 65/ Honolulu, Hawaii Far Eastern Values and Attitudes/USN/FY 68/ Historical Evaluation National Strategic Concepts and the Changing Nature of Modern War/USAF, and Research Organiza- Dir. of Plans/contract AF-49-(638)-1585/$78,426/65-67/ tion, Washington, D.C. Howard University, Military Implications of-the Transmission of New Technology to Developing D. L. Spencer Washington, D.C. Nations/AFOSR, Behavioral Sciences Div./contract AFOSR-533-66/$50,000/ 63-68/ HRB-Singer, Inc. Socio-Political Precursors to Insurgency/ONR, Group Psychology Branch/ George Guthrie State College, Pa. contract Nonr-4749(00)/$9,900 in FY 65, $29,000 in FY 66/ James McKendry Research on Social Science Aspects of American Military Commanders' Con- trol of Goods Brought Into a Developing Country/Army/$70,000/67-68/ (emphasis: Korea). Hudson Institute, Implications of Future Weapons Technology on Arms Control/ACDA/contract Harmon-on-Hudson, N.Y. ACDA-ST-51/$207,368/64-66/ Strategic Factors Affecting the Threat or Use of Force/DoD/$222,000/66-67/ Alternative Political and Strategic Environments for Air Force Systems in the Period 1975-85/USAF/$99,526/FY 68/ An Analytic Study of U.S. National Security Issues for Educational and Research Purposes/OASD,ISA/$130,00/FY 68/ Greater Stability and Tranquility Among the Older Nations/OASD,ISA/ $10o,000/FY 68/ Problems for U.S. Politico-Military Policy in the Next Decade in (1) European Defense and (2) Nuclear Proliferation/DoD/$247,427/FY 65/ War Termination Conditions and Techniques/USAF/$83,521/67-68/ Study of Political, Strategic and Tactical Considerations Involved in Low- Level Deployment of Ballistic Missile Defense/Army, Deputy Chief of Staff for ilitary Operations/.$118,156/1966/ Hughes Aircraft Corp., Sea-Based Strategic Systems in an Arms Control Environment/ONR, Advanced R. Kay Washington, D.C. Office Warfare Systems Div./contract Nonr-4907(00)/$178,831/65-66/SECRET/ Human Sciences Research, Delineations of the Naval Role in Psychological Operations/ONR, Group Psy- Dean Havron McLean, Va. chology Branch/contract Nonr-4346(00)/$128,000 in FY 6 6 /Reports: A Pre- liminary Analysis of Naval Unconventional Warfare, by Terry Rambo (1966); An Analysis and Delineation of the Concept of Naval Psychological Opera- tions, by Gerald Bailey (1966); Interpersonal Influence Processes in Navy Port Calls, by Albert Jenney II (1966). Rural Value Systems, Republic of Vietnam/ARPA/$164,OOO/FY 67/ Population Movements as a Factor in Insurgency (Project Agile)/ARPA/ $260,000/FY 67/ Institute for Defense Interaction of Politico-Military Objectives, Budgets, Technology, and Force Analyses (IDA), Structure/OASD,ISA and OASD,SA/$800, 000/continuing project/Sub-projects: Arlington, Va. Communist China's Evolution and Impact on U.S. Security Interests Through 1975 (Study Mandarin); Exploratory Research on Eastern Europe (Study Carpathia)/Reports: United Kingdom Military Policy and U.S. Security, by John Cary (1966); ITew-tilitary Cooperative Arrangements in the Indian Ocean Area--An Assessment of U.S. Benefits, by John Cary and John Moriarty (1966).-14- Inter-University Political Functions of Military Elitest North Africa and the Near East/ Amos Perlatter Seminar on Armed AFOSR, Behavioral Sciences Div./$40,000/66-68/ Forces & Society, Inc. Social Research and Military Managerent/USAF/$4,000/FT 67 Johns Hopkins Univer- Future Role of Military Alliances/USAF, Director of Plans/contract AF-49 sity, Center for Foreign (638)-1580/$71, 207/65-66/ Policy Research, Washington, D.C. 1980 and the Balance of Power in the Pacific/USAF/$71,785/66-68/ Comprehensive Epidemiological Studies in Developing Nations/Arny/Fr 68/ University of Kansas, Modernizations Social, Political and Economic Development (Project Themis)/ Kansas City, Kansas ARPA/FT 68 Univ. of Maryland, Cross-Cultural Investigation of Some Factors in Persuasion and Attitude Elliot McGinnies College Park, Md. Change/ONR, Group Psychology Branch/contract Nonr-595(21 )/$2,480/65-66/ Reports: Involvement and Source Credibility as Variables in Persuasion With Japanese Students, by Elliot McGinnies (1966). Comparative Study of Normative Behavior -- Japanese and American Youth/ Elliot McGinnies USAF/$34,000/67-68 MIT, Center for Inter- Arms Control and Limited War/ACDA/contract ACDA-WEC-98/$222,500/65-67/ Lincoln Bloomfield national Studies, Cambridge, Mass. Strategic Thinking of European Elites (Project Michelson)/U.S. Naval Ord- Daniel Lerner nance Test Station/64--/ MHorton Gordon Political-Military Gaming of Deterrent Strategies (Project Michelson)/ Lincoln Bloomfield U.S. Naval Ordnance Test Station/64--/ Human Factors in Modernization--Comparative Research on Behavioral Change/ Frederick Frey ARPA/$80,000/67-68/ Improved Analytical Methods for Development Planning/AID/contract AID- Richard Eckaus csd-467/$72,160/64-66/ Louis Lefeber Matrix Corp., Marine Pacification Training/USN/$30,000/67-68 Nashua, N.H. McDonnell-Douglas Role of the USAF in the Post-Armistice Activities of Insurgency and Aircraft Corp., Limited War/USAF/FE 68/ Santa Monica, Cal. Strategic and Military Objectives, 1975-1985/Ary, Deputy Chief of Staff for Military Operations/contract DA-49-092-ARO-117/$89,000/65--/CONFIDENTIAL Long-Range Environmental Studies: Latin America (1985-90) and Oceanic Islands (1985-90)/Army/FY 68/ Melpar, Inc., Feasibility of Verifying a Prohibition on Field Testing of Chemical and Falls Church, Va. Biological Weapons/ACDA/contract ACDA-ST-91/$173,442/ 6 5- 6 7/ Mental Research Content Analysis of Communist Chinese Mass Communications (Project John Weakland Institute, Palo Michelson)/U.S. Naval Ordnance Test Station/$21,000 in F 67/66-68/ Alto, Cal. Reports: Chinese Political and Cultural Themes -- A Study of Chinese Communist Films, by John Weakland (1966). University of Michigan, Decision-Theoretic Principles in the Design of Verification Systems/ Ann Arbor, Mich. ACDA/contract ACDA-ST-49/$30,409/64-66/ Michigan State Univ., Diffusion of Agricultural Innovations in Rural Societies/AID/contract E. M. Rogers East Lansing, Mich. AID-csd-735/$1,236,000/64-68 Evaluation of the Process of Economic Development in Less Developed Friendly Countries/AID/contract AID-csd-732/$37, 8 8 0/ 6 4- 6 6 / Midwest Research Inspectability of Chemical and Biological Weapons Production, Trans- Institute, portation and Storage/ACDA/contract ACDA-ST-108/$251 ,839/66-67/ Kansas City, Mo. University of Missouri Organizational and National Background Differences in Work Performance/ Columbia, Mo. USN/Fr 68-15- North Dakota State College, Fargo, N.D. Northern Illinois Univ., Dekalb, Ill. Ohio State University Research Foundation, Columbus, Ohio University of Pennsylvania, Phila., Pa. Univ. of Pennsylvania, Foreign Policy Research Center (FPRI), Phila, Pa. Penna. State Univ., State College, Pa. Univ. of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pa. Porter-International Co., Washington, D.C. Cross-Cultural Studies in Persuasion -- Source Credibility/AFOSR, Behavioral Sciences Branch/contract AFOSR-762-65/$42,272/64-66/ Thai-Malay Village Study (Project Agile)/ARPA/1966/ The U. S. and the Western Europe of the 1970's/OASD,ISA/contract DA-49-083-OSA-3185/$17,250/66-67/ Analysis of Programs for the Development of Agricultural Credit Institutions/AID/contract AID-csd-463/$636,821/64-67 Interaction of Social Values and Political Responsibility in Developing Countries/AID/contract AID-csd-719/$250,000/64-69/ Model Study of Escalation/ACDA/contract ACDA-ST-64/$73, 8 99/ 6 4- 6 6 / Alternative U.S. Strategies and America's FutureA/USAF, Director of Plans/ $95,000/ 6 4-65 Evolution in Eastern Europe and its Implications for U. S. Security/USAF, Dir. of Plans/$163,634/65-68/ Impact of Modernization in the Philippines/ARPA/F 68 Research on the Process of Institution Building/AID/contract AID-csd-763/ $158,380/64-66 J. C. Whittaker M. L. Thomas Edwin Fedder James Robinson Mervin Smith Philip Jacob Russell Ackoff William Kintner Milton Esmond Elite Structures and Elite Transformation in Totalitarian Political Systens/ Carl Beck AFOSR, Behavioral Sciences Div./contract AFOSR-622-64/$71,000/64-68/ Methodology for Analysis of Internal Social Movements/USAF/! 68/ Measures to Promote Self-Help in the Military Aid Program/OASD,ISA/contract DA-49-083-OSA-3284/$279,000/66-67/CONFIDENTIAL Princeton Univ., Center for Inter- national Studies, Princeton, N.J. Purdue University Research Foundation, Lafayette, Ind. Genesis of Civil Violence/ARPA/$39,000/FT 67/ The Social Bases of Stable Political Systems/ONR, Group Psychology Branch/contract Nonr-1858 (54)/$232,000/66-68/ Ted Gurr Harry Eckstein An Analytical Study of AID University Programs in Agricultural Education in Less Developed Countries/AID/contract AID-csd-840/$1,200,000/65-68/ Social and Psychological Aspects of Verification, Inspection and International Assurance in Arms Control/ACDA/contract ACDA-E-104 / $63,500/66-67/ RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, Calif. Note: The RAND Corporation is the Federal Contract Research Center (FCRC) responsible for study, research and analysis relevant to U.S. military operates, particularly in the aerospace field. RAND's Social Science Department conducts an extensive research program on economic, political and social conditions in underdeveloped areas, and on the techniques of counterinsurgency. RAND issues hundreds of studies each year, many of them relevant to U.S. foreign policy, all of which obviously cannot be listed here. Major Programs Conflicts Studies/OASD, ISA/$1,200,000 in F 6 6/continuing project/Sub-projects: Economic and Military Assistance Problems and Programsj Force Posture Implications of Alternative Pacific Problems; U.S. Military Assistance to India and Pakistan; Support Systems for Guerilla and Limited Warfare; Coammunism in Italy and France; French Policy Toward the Algerian Revolution; Security Policy Studies of Latin America; Security Problems of Asia and the Pacific; Insurgent Forces Study; NATO's Southeast Flank; Security Policy Studio o NATO and Europe; Military Problems in Thailand and Laos; Studies of Cuba; NATO's Northern Flank/ Reports: Viet Cong Motivation and Morale, by L. Goure, A. J. Russo and D. Scott (1966); Security and Assistance in Thailand and Laos, by C. A. Cooper and Hans Heyman, Jr. (1966); Observations on the Chieu Hoi Program, by Lucien Pye (1966); Political Motivation of the Viet Cong -- the Vietminh Regroupees, by J. J. Zasloff (1966). Project RAND StudiesA/USAF/$956,00 in F 67/SubproJects: Sino-Soviet Economic Potential; Soviet Foreign and Military Policy; Soviet Foreign Policy Toward Latin America; Strategy and Tactics of Chinese Foreign and Military Policy; Political Context of Japanese Rearmament; Role of the Military in Indonesia; British Military Policy; The Future of NATO;-Use of Force in Underdeveloped Areas. Research Analysis Corporation (RAC), McLean, Va. Note: RAC is the Federal Contract Research Center responsible for systems analyses and operations research for the Department of the Army, under contract DA-44-188-ARO-1. In fiscal 1968 RAC's total income from its Army contract was $9,992,000. Major Programs: Strategic Analysis of International Conflicts/Army, Deputy Chief of Staff for Military Operations/ $77,000 in FY 66/continuing project/OFFICIAL USE ONLY/Reports (1968): Strategic Analysis of Latin America; Strategic Analysis of Southeast Asia; Strategic Analysis of the Near East and South Asia; Strategic Analysis of Cowmunist China; Strategic Analysis of Sub-Saharan Africa; Strategic Analysis of North Asia; Strategic Analysis of Western Europe; Strategic Analysis of North Africa; Strategic Analysis of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Joseph T. Hart Studies in Counterinsurgenty/Aroz, Deputy Chief of Staff for Military Operations/continuing project/ Reports: U. S. Army special Fobrces Operations Under the Civilian Irregular Defense Groups Center Program in Vietnam, 1961-64, by Richard Burke (1966). Employment of Military Units in Show-of-Force Type Operations/ARO/$35,000 in F 65, $38,000 in F 66/ John R. Thomas 65-68/OFFICIAL USE ONLY Selected Projects, Active in 1968: Communist China. The Increased Influence of Lin Piao and the Armed Forces Communist China's Interests and Policies in Vietnam Japan and the New East Asian International Orderi Implications for U.S. Policy Potential for Internal Conflict in Latin America Crisis in the Middle East: Implications for U.S. Policy A Projection of the Underdeveloped World Environment Through 1985 Appraisal of North African Internal Vulnerabilities and Potential for Conflict U.S. Strategic Interests in Tropical Africa Simulmatics Corp., New York, N. Y. and Cambridge, Mass. Research on Urban Insurgency (Project Agile)/ARPA/65-66/CONFIDENTIAL Chieu Hoi Study (Project Agile)/ARPA/$18,000/66-67/CONFIDENTIAL David Tates I. de Sola Pool I. de Sola Pool Problem Analysis, Republic of Vietnam/ARPA/$320,OOO/FY 67/ I. de Sola Pool Southern Methodist U., The International Law of Indirect Aggression and Subversion/ACDA/ A. J. Thomas, Jr. School of Law, Dallas, contract ACDA-GC-41/$109,200/64-66/ Ann V. W. Thomas Texas Oscar Salas Stanford University Threat Perception in Inter-Nation Conflict/ONR, Group Psycholcgy Branch/ R. A. Brody Stanford, Calif. contract Nonr-225(82)/$50,000/65-68/ Stanford Research Problem Posed by Conflicting Views on Nuclear Weapons/USAF, Dir. of John Morse, Jr. Institute, Menlo Plans/contract AF-49-(638)-1410/$97,000/64-66/ Park, Calif. Research Concerning Industrial Location and Development Planning in Newly Industrializing Countries/AID/contract AID-csd-802/$196,029/65-67 Interaction Between US and USSR Military Postures, Programs and Strategies -- And the Use of Such Interaction to Mold Soviet Military Behavior/USAF, Dir. of Plans/contract AF-49-(638)-1583/$83,572/1966/SECRET Air and Ballistic Missile Defense -- Strategic, Economic and Political Gordon Gershon Analyses/ARO/contract DA-49-092-ARO-10/$2,600,000/63--(continuing project)/ CONFIDENTIAL Satellite Surveillance Capabilities for Monitoring Naval and Maritime N. J. Donnelly Inventories/ONR, Advanced Warfare Systems Div./contract Nonr-2332(00)/ Patricia Jones $ Long-Range Planning Through a Systematic Approach to Area Military Studies/ USAF/$93,800/87-68 Remote Area Conflict (Project Agile)/ARPA/1 966/SECRET/reports: COIN Honduras, by John Hutzel (1966); COIN Peru, by Robert Davenport (1966). I IIII-17- Syracuse University, Appraisal of the Administration of Technical Assistance Programs, With Irving Swerdlow Center for Overseas Special Reference to Agriculture/AID/contract AID-csd-289/$355,475/63-66/ Operations & Research, Syracuse, N. Y. University of Texas Mobility of Foreign Military Leadership/USN/FY 68 Austin, Texas Wayne State Univ., Research Project on World Politics Simulation/DoS/$25,000/1966 Detroit, Mich. Western Washington Efiects of Leadership on Far Eastern Morale and Leadership/USN/FY 68/ State College Western Behavioral Simulated Politico-Military Decison-making/lSN/$32,000/F! 67 Science Institute Westinghouse Electric U. S. Strategic Alternatives and Access Problems: Impact of U. S. Armed Corp., Baltimore, Md. Forces Abroad/USAF/$189,519/67-68/ Westwood Research, Inc., Seapower in Special Warfare/ONR, Advanced Warfare Systems Div./contract L. I. Dew, Jr. Los Angeles, Calif. Nonr-4962 (OO)t5--/SECRET Williams College, Import Substitution and Economic Policy in Economic Development/AID/ J. H. Power Center for Development contract AID-csd-736/$173,299/64-67 Economics, Williamstown, Massachusetts UCiv. of Wisconsin, Persuasive Commnications in the International Field/ONR, Group Psychology S. Watson Dunn Madison, Wisconsin Branch/contract Nonr-1202(24)/$30,000/65-66/ Yale University, War and International AlliancesATSN/FY 68 New Haven, Conn. Yale University, Quantitative Study of Economic Structure and Growth/AID/contract AID-repas-12/ Economic Growth Center $1,514,000/62-68/ Abbreviations: Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (DOS) Air Force Office of Scientific Research Agency for International Development Army Research Office Advanced Research Projects Agency (DoD) Central Intelligence Agency Department of Defense Department of State Fiscal Year NASA National Aeronautios and Space Administration OASD,ISA Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, International Security Affairs OASD,SA Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, Systems Analysis ONR Office of Naval Research USAF U.S. Air Force USMC U.S. Marine Corps USN U.S. Navy ACDA AFOSR AID ARO ARPA CIA DoD DoS F!

For Further Information: Newsletter subscribers who seek additional information on the projects listed above are urged to follow the procedures outlined in the NACLA Research Methodology Guide (available from NACLA, P.O. Box 57, Cathedral Station, New York, N.Y. 10025, for 25 cents). Other sources which may prove helpful are:

Department of State Publications: AID-Financed University Contracts and AID Technical Service Contracts (available from the Agency for International Development, Washington, D.C. 20523): A List of Current Social Science Research by Private Scholars and Academic Centers, 7 vols, USSR and Eastern Europe/Asia/Western Europe, Great Britain and Canada/Middle East/Africa/American Republics/International Affairs/ (available from the Office of External Research, Washington, D.C. 20520); Research Centers on the Developing Nations and Language and Area Studies Program at American Universities

(published by the Bureau of Intelligence and Research).


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