Letter from Ambassador Irving Florman

September 25, 2007

Dear Mr. Donald Dawson,

Since my arrival here, I have work diligently on the project of throwing Bolivia's petroleum industry wide open to American private enterprise, and to help our national defense program on a vast scale.

I had several audiences with the President of Bolivia, Dr. Mamerto Uriolagoitia, who I convinced of the feasiability of such a move. The President has since become very enthusiastic, but was uncertain whether he would receive the support of his cabinet, congressional leaders, and the military. I asked for and received permission to talk to cabinet ministers, congressional leaders, the Commanding General of the Army and the Chief of Staff. While cool at the outset, they are all enthusiastic about the plan and will support the President.

As a result of these negotiations, the President is sending Alberto Mariaca, the Director of the Government's petroleum monopoly, to the States on January 5, where he will make his offices in the Defense Building in ashington, D. C. Mr. Mariaca's trip is for the purpose of helping the President select surveying and operating firms on a fee or profit-sharing basis.

I knew that you would be interested to hear that Bolivia's petroleum industry and the whole land is now wide open for free American enterprise. Bolivia is, therefore, the world's first country to de-nationalize or to have nationalization in reverse, and I am proud to have been able to accomplish this for my country and the administration.

The military leaders were obviously so pleased with my suggested plan that they today gave me the honor of:' i: presenting swords and diplomas, in the presence of the ?resident, cabinet ministers and other dignitaries, to- a class of graduating officers at the Military Academy, as shown by the enclosed photo.

With kindest regards,


Irving Florman

American Ambassador

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