September 25, 2007

NACLA History
Congratulations to NACLA and
Fred Rosen on the 35th anniver-
sary piece. It is an extraordinary
contribution to the ongoing effort
to capture and learn from the past,
and honor those who helped cre-
ate it. It was all the more remark-
able having been written amid
NACLA's move to new quarters
and during the leadership handoff
from Fred to Terry Gibbs.
As one who helped gather both
participants and documents for
this effort, I know that there are,
as with any history, parts that
some remember differently,
points that were omitted, others
who could have been interviewed
and most likely a few factual
errors. I also know it has stimu-
lated the memories of those who
helped make the history and has
helped surface new material. I
look forward to the next opportu-
nity to further enrich the story. In
the meantime, as a custodian of
NACLA's historical archive, I'd
be happy to talk with interested
members of the NACLA commu-
nity about any contribution they
would like to make to that record.
Fred Goff
fgoff@ datacenter.org
Oakland, CA
Readers are invited to address
letters to The Editors, NACLA
Report on the Americas, 38 Greene
Street 4th Floor, New York, NY
10013. Letters can also be sent by
email to or
directed to us through our website


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