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September 25, 2007

Grenadian Hospital Bombed
With "Surgical Care"
WASHINGTON, Oct. 31-The De-
fense Department said today that
at least 12 people were killed
when a United States Navy plane
bombed a civilian hospital in the
early hours of the invasion of Gre-
nada last week. [. ... ]
Until today, American military
officials had been saying they
knew of no civilian casualties any-
where in Grenada. American
troops were said to be using "sur-
gical care" and "limited force" in
taking strong points. Destruction
to buildings was reported to be
The New York Times
November 1, 1983
Let Us Be Remembered
Representative William S.
Broomfield of Michigan, the rank-
ing Republican [on the Foreign
Affairs Committee), said the med-
ical students returning from Gre-
nada had been "very elated" at
the intervention of American
NACLA Rportupdate . update . update . update
forces and, as a result, the action
could prove to be "one of the
United States' finest hours."
The New York Times
October 28, 1983
"When history is written on
this," Rep. William S. Broomfield
(R-Mich.), the committee's senior
Republican, said of the invasion,
"they will look back and say this
was one of the United States'
finest hours."
The Washington Post
October 28, 1983
Andean Eupansion Documented
"Apparently, more people here
in the States knew the story of the
[Catholic] father than in Nicara-
gua," Levison remarked.
The let-down was followed,
Levison recalls, by "a sense of
isolation," as the helicopter carry-
ing Father Febretto hovered
above the little village of San Jose
de Cusmapa in the Nicaraguan
The Miami Herald
August 13,1978
How's That Again?
WASHINGTON, Dec. 2-Presi-
dent Reagan said today that he
had killed legislation requiring
that he report regularly on human
rights conditions in El Salvador
because the reports might actu-
ally invite rather than discourage
death-squad violence there.
"If we have this thing of having
to certify every few months to the
Congress in order to get this aid,"
Mr. Reagan said, "there are
people, both on the left and right,
who know that if they step up the
violation of human rights-the
murders and so forth so that we
can't certify -they, from which-
ever side, are helping to win their
battle against the democratic
Jan/Feb 1984
The New York Times
June 19, 1983
Whose Side Are We On?
A marine platoon leader shout-
ed an order [to the journalist] to
halt. He checked identification,
then smiled and asked for help.
"We just got here last night," he
grinned. "Can you please tell us
what the f--- is going on."
After our brief explanation he
hesitated and asked again: "Is
the Grenadan Army on our side or
theirs?" [....]
A young white marine officer
brought a black trooper to [the
commanding officer] at one point,
suggesting the soldier was origi-
nally from Trinidad and therefore
could help "with the native lan-
Grenadans speak English.
The Washington Post
October 28, 1983

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