Vietnam Profiteers (Antipersonnel Weapons)

September 25, 2007

Listed below are companies that manufacture antipersonnel weapons under contract to the U.S. Department of Defense. "Antipersonnel" is defined by Pentagon dictionaries as "designed to destroy or obstruct personnel." Such weapons, in other words, are devastating to human flesh but relatively harmless to concrete and steel. The list encompasses antipersonnel cluster bombs, consisting of a dispenser unit with scores of 'bomblets' (like the deadly "guava" bomb, widely used in Vietnam); the "rockeye" cluster bomb rocket; the Tactical Fighter Bomb Dispenser Munition (a new cluster bomb system for high speed aircraft); antipersonnel mines, including the 'gravel' mine (composed of lead azide); the 2.75-in. rocket with high-fragmentation warhead; the M406 40mm. antipersonnel fragmentation grenade and various launching systems; artillery shells containing 'flechettes' (small steel darts), including the "Beehive" flechette projectile; and the high-fragmentation Bullpup and Shrike guided missiles. Sources for contract data: unless otherwise noted, all contracts are taken from the Commerce Depart- ment's publication, Commerce Business Daily (CBD), during the period March - Nov. 1968. Other sources are: Ordnance magazine, published by the American Ordnance Assn.; Army Research and Development News- magazine (Army R&D); Technical Abstract Bulletin (TAB), published by the Defense Documentation Center; the Defense Industry Bulletin (DIB); Wall Street Journal (WSJ); and the House Committee on Appropria- tions Hearings on the Department of Defense Appropriations for 1967 (DoD App.). Contracts preceded by the letters DA are Army contracts; by AF or F, Air Force contracts; and by N, Navy contracts. Contractor: Product: Contract number/Amount: AAI CORP. Design and development of the XM617U DA36-034-ORD-3750A Cockeysville, Md. antipersonnel mine fuze ABG INSTRUMENT & ENGINEERING, Lockwires for 2.75-in. rocket motor DAA21-68-C-0715/$251,220 INC., Santa Barbara, Cal. A.C. ELECTRONICS, INC. M158E1 2.75-in. rocket launcher DAAHO1-69-C-0501/$173,491 Huntsville, Ala. ACF INDUSTRIES, INC. Metal parts for cluster bombs $4,087,241 (WSJ, 10-25-66) St. Louis, Mo. ADVENTURE LINE MFG. CO., BLU-26/B "guava" bomblet metal parts F33657-68-C-0078/$5,440,000 INC., Parsons, Kas. AEROJET-GENERAL CORP. SUU-14/A cluster bomb dispensers DAAA09-69-C-0025/$1,250,000 Downey, Calif. SUU-30B/B cluster bomb dispensers F33657-68-C-0625/$558,000 M151 warhead metal parts for 2.75-in. DAAA09-69-C-0134/$1,214,987 rocket Magazines for XM174 40mm. low velocity DA11-199-66-AMC-719W/$57,197 automatic grenade launcher Engineering study of release of self- DA18-064-AMC-170A dispersing munitions from high speed airborne vehicles AERONCA, INC. metal parts for XM3 antipersonnel DAAA09-68-C-0048/$334,373 Middletown, Ohio mine dispenser AIRPORT MACHINING CORP. M151 warhead metal parts for 2 .75-in. DAAA09-68-C-0131/$530,100 Martin, Texas rocket ALSCO, INC., Techfab Div., XM159C 2.75-in. rocket launchers DAAH01-69-C-07291$1,510,686 St. Louis, Mo. ALUMINUM CO. OF AMERICA 2 .75-in. rocket motor tubes DAAA21-69-C-0236/$5,824,350 Pittsburgh, Pa.8 AMERICAN ELECTRIC, INC. SUU-30B/B cluster bomb dispensers F33657-68-C-0809/$2,649,360 La Mirada, Cal. AMERICAN MFG. CO. OF TEXAS M151 warhead for 2 .75-in. rocket $1,000,000 (CBD, 6-21-67) Fort Worth, Texas Mk55 Mod 0 antipersonnel projectile N00104-68-C-5482/$3,439,437 AMRON CORP. M118 cartridge case metal parts for DAAA09-69-C-0144/$3,918,750 Waukesha, Wisc. the M406 40mm. grenade metal parts for M384 40mm. grenade DAAA09-68-C-0070/$341,996 ATLANTIC RESEARCH CORP. Engineering study to adapt the XM27 (TAB, July 1, 1967) Alexandria, Va. mine to the SUU-13/A bomb dispenser Opener assemblies for the Tactical (Army R&D, Feb. 1968) Fighter Dispenser Munition ATLANTIC RESEARCH CORP. 1 Development of a carrying case for DA28-017-AMC-2558A Flare Northern Div., the XM27 Mod 2 gravel mine West Hanover, Mass. AUTOMATIC SPRINKLER CORP. SUU-7C/A cluster bomb dispensers DAAA09-69-C-0204/$1,990,674 OF AMERICA, Dallas, Texas AVCO CORP., Ordnance Div. Services and materials for an in- DAA21-68-C-0655 Richmond, Ind. vestigation of improved antipersonnel kill mechanisms Development of Avroc rocket-propelled (Ordnance, Jan.-Feb. 1968) 40mm. grenade M423 2.75-in. rocket fuze metal parts DAAA09-69-C-0158/$2,016,900 M406 40mm. grenade metal parts DAAA09-69-C-0131/$1,324,965 BACHE TOOL & DIE CO. Parts for BLU-26/B "guava" bomblet F33657-68-C-0545/$260,252 Westbury, N.Y. BATESVILLE MFG. CO. 2 BLU-24/B bomblet metal parts F33657-16687/$9,350,000 Batesville & Camden, Ark. SUU-30A/B cluster bomb dispensers F33657-68-C-1094/$1,300,000 M26 antipersonnel mine metal parts DAAA09-68-C-0279/$113,654 BEECH AIRCRAFT CORP. SUU-7C/A cluster bomb dispensers DAAA09-68-C-0008/$940,500 Wichita, Kans. BIRMA PRODUCTS CORP. Parts for 2.75-in. rocket DAAA21-69-C-0267/$159,807 Sayresville, N.J. BREED CORP. Design and development of the XM43 DAAA21-69-C-0002/$750,000 Fairfield, N.J. antipersonnel mine and sub-pack system BULOVA WATCH CO. M423 fuze metal parts for 2.75-in. DAAA09-69-C-0175/$1,410,231 Jackson Heights, N.Y. rocket CESSNA AIRCRAFT SUU-7C/A cluster bomb dispensers DAAA09-69-C-0007/$986,957 Wichita, Kans. CHAMBERLAIN MFG. CO. M151 2.75-in. rocket warhead DAAA09-C-69-C-0176/$992,250 Waterloo, Iowa COLUMBUS MILPAR MFG. CO. 3 parts for BLU-24/B and BLU-66/B F0835-69-C-0016/$19,089,911 Columbus, Ohio bomblets Nozzle assemblies for 2.75-in. rocket DAAA21-68-C-0645/$83,520 CULLMAN METALCRAFT, INC. SUU-30B/B cluster bomb dispensers F33657-68-C-0810/$2,649,360 Cullman, Ala.DAY & Zfl

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