Vietnam Profiteers (Demolition Bombs)

September 25, 2007

Below is a list of U.S. Dept. of Defense contracts for the production of demolition bombs, bomb fins, and bomb fuzes. Demolition bombs consist of a metal bomb case with a high explosive filler. Thousands of them are used daily in South Vietnam. Source, unless otherwise noted, is Commerce Business Daily. (Other sources: WSJ = Wall Street Journal; DIB - Defense Industry Bulletin) Contractor: Product: Contract no./amount: A.O. SMITH CORP. M117A1 750-lb. bomb metal parts DAAA09-68-C-0078/$11,984,315 Chicago, Ill. ACTION MFG. CO., Phila., Pa. M905 tail fuze metal parts DAAA09-68-C-0085/$545,000 AMERICAN MACHINE & FOUNDRY CO. M117A1 750-lb. bomb metal parts DAAA09-69-C-0035/$30,253,380 Brooklyn, N.Y. AMERICAN MFG. CO. OF TEXAS Mk82 Mod 1 500-lb. bomb bodies N00104-69-C-0098/$36,627,838 Fort Worth, Texas Mk83 Mod 3 1000-lb. bomb bodies N00104-68-C-3481/$9,887,140 AUTOMATIC SPRINKLER CORP. OF Mk15 Mod 1 fin assemblies N00104-68-C-0780/$14,402,230 AMERICA, Bailfield Div., Dallas, Texas13 BATESVILLE MFG. CO. 1 M904E2 nose fuze metal parts DAAA09-68-C-0053/$2,395,800 Batesville, Ark. BAYFIELD INDUSTRIES "Snakeye" fins for demolition bombs $1,600,000 (DIB, July 1965) Carrollton, Texas BENDIX CORP., Environmental M905 tail fuze metal parts DAAA09-69-C-0139/$828,000 Science Div., Balto., Md. BORG-WARNER CORP., Ingersoll Mk82 Mod 1 500-lb. bomb bodies N00104-69-C-0003/$15,914,464 Products Div., Chicago, Ill. BUXMONT ORDNANCE, Berwick, Pa. 250-lb. bomb bodies $6,509,065 (DIB, May 1965) COLUMBUS MILPAR MFG. CO. 2 Mk14 bomb fins $3,372,880 (DIB, May 1965) Columbus, Ohio CRESCENT PRECISION PRODUCTS, M131A1 fin assemblies DAAA09-69-C-0059/$3,619,980 INC., Garland, Texas EUREKA WILLIAMS CO. 3 M904E2 nose fuze metal parts DAAA09-68-C-0256, and Bloomington, Ill. DAAA09-68-C-0386/$3,666,300 GENERAL INSTRUMENT CORP. M904E2 nose fuze metal parts DAAA09-68-C-0246/$3,386,618 Sickles Div., Chicopee, Mass. M905 tail fuze metal parts DAAA09-69-C-0076/$836,000 HONEYWELL, INC. M904E2 nose fuze metal parts DAAA09-69-C-0100/$48,493 Hopkins, Minn. INTERCONTINENTAL MFG. CO. Mk82 Mod 1 500-lb. bomb bodies N00104-69-C-0129 Garland, Texas Mk84 Mod 2 2000-lb. bomb bodies N00104-69-C-0119/$6,226,155 LASKO METAL PRODUCTS, INC. Mk14 Mod 2 fin assemblies N00104-68-C-0816/$7,321,018 West Chester, Pa. LE TOURNEAU, R.G., INC. M117A1 750-lb. bomb metal parts DAAA09-69-C-0044/$24,039,720 Longview, Texas M131A1 fin assemblies DAAAO9-C-0058/$4,836,600 METALS ENGINEERING CORP. Fin assemblies for Mk83 Mod 0 bombs N00104-68-C-3482/$1,752,120 Greensville, Tenn. POLORAN PRODUCTS, INC. M131A1 fin assemblies DAAA09-68-C-0486/$1,491,000 New Rochelle, N.Y. RAYTHEON CO. M904E2 nose fuze metal parts DAAA09-68-C-0243/$2,322,000 Lexington, Mass. M905 tail fuze metal parts DAAA09-68-C-0027/$3,070,200 STA-RITE GINNIE LOU, INC. Arming wires for demolition bombs F42600-69-C-0176/$121,000 Shelbyville, Ill. STEWART-WARNER CORP., South M904E2 nose fuze DAAAO9-68-C-0105/$915,173 Wind Div., Indianapolis, Ind. SUPREME PRODUCTS CORP. M904E2 nose fuze metal parts DAAA09-C-68-C-0083/$271,472 Chicago, Ill. M905 tail fuze metal parts DAAA09-C-69-C-0049/$277,500 UNITED STATES STEEL CORP. Mk81 Mod 1 250-lb. bomb bodies N00104-68-C-0826/$6,739,920 Pittsburgh, Pa. Mk82 Mod 1 500-lb. bomb bodies N00104-68-C-3599/$13,210,740 JOHN WOOD CO. St. Paul, Minn. M131A1 fin assemblies DAAA09-69-C-0208/$1,454,412 1 A subsidiary of Aerojet-General Corp. 2 A division of Whittaker Corp. 3 A division of National Union Electric Corp.

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