Your Body Wakes

you tells you / you have an urge you / can’t deny
September 28, 2014

you tells you
you have an urge you
can’t deny.

it is hungry or hunger force d
fed by descontrol    need
to eat-shit-fuck
      [it don’t care]
                              so what-where-who
will judge & some jump jura will
split you in difference.

By and by
      … momento, por favor …
you pry open your crossed eyes
squeeze your nalgas & rump
up & at ’em
              [whoever they think
     they are]. 

Your right leg is wrong
your head is running behind
you         throw your best

make them
pick a fight
settle into it
      fitly screaming

“¡hoy no habrá jodida!”


elena minor is the author of TITULADA (Noemi Press, 2014). Her poetry and prose have been published in more than two dozen literary journals, including Jacket2, MAKE, Hot Metal Bridge, RHINO, Puerto del Sol, Switchback, Mandorla, and Shadowbox. She is a past first prize recipient of the Chicano/Latino Literary Prize and founding editor of PALABRA. She also teaches creative writing to high school students. A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, she currently resides in Los Angeles. To read more about her work, see this Letras Latinas interview with minor from May 2014.

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