Honduran Reporter Félix Antonio Molina To Receive Chavkin Award for Journalistic Integrity

The host of Honduras's Resistencia radio show a national voice for the opposition that emerged after the country's 2009 coup.
catesby 10/11/2012

Honduran journalist Félix Antonio Molina, whose radio show Resistencia documents the country's resistance to the regime that came to power in a 2009 military coup, is this year's winner of the Chavkin Award for Integrity in Journalism in Latin America.

The prize, which will be presented on October 30th in New York City, is awarded every 18 months to an investigative reporter whose work in Latin America or the Caribbean "expos[es] injustice and oppression or document[s] the struggles for social justice and democracy in the region." It is funded by the Chavkin family and has been organized and overseen by the North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA) since the mid-1990s.

Molina, whose travels the country interviewing organizers of the anti-coup resistance in communities that better-funded news programs ignore. His work has earned him numerous death threats via text message, as well as frequent calls (which he resists) to run for political office.

Greg Grandin, an NYU history professor whose 2009 book Fordlandia was a finalist for the Pulizter Prize and National Book Award, will give the keynote address award presentation.

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