David G. Epstein
A full-page advertisement in a recent New York Times suggests that the answer to crime in the streets is birth control. A shock photograph of a hairy youth attacking a middle-class, middle-aged man at knife point tops the ad, which says "the quality of life in this great country of ours is deteriorating before our eyes.
Peter Eisenberg
The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Brazilian government have devised a five-year $227 million plan to preserve the latifundia land tenure structure and to control the poverty-stricken rural peasants and workers of Brazil's northeastern sugar zone.
A NACLA staff member has recently returned from Cuernavaca, an a-typical Mexican town (with one of the highest per capita percentages of swimming pools in the world) which contains an excellent language school. The Center of Intercultural Formation (CIF), run in conjunction with the Intercultural Center of Documentation (CIDOC) by Msgr.
The creation of centralized foreign intelligence organizations is traditionally a product of a nation's drive for empire. All colonial powers have formed information gathering and clandestine operations to further penetration, manipulation and control of alien societies.
Gulf Oil Co. (controlled by the Mellon family, and the sixth largest corporation in the U.S.) has firmly consolidated its position of importance in Bolivian economic life.