Martha Cooley
AIDS. Everybody has heard of it, everybody is scared of it, and no- body knows just what it is.
Half-Way There Back in May, at the start of the 1983 sustainer campaign, we stated that we needed to raise $50,000 by December if we were to continue our work in 1984. Now, three months into the campaign, we are extremely pleased to an- nounce that, so far, we have raised over $20,000-almost half-way to our total-with contributions still coming in.
NICARAGUA The Pope: Pilgrim of Peace? Few events have been so nar- rowly or negatively reported as the Pope's visit to Nicaragua last March. This 38-minute videotape, by the makers of the film "Thank God and the Revolution," fills the gap by al- lowing spokespersons for and against the government and knowledgeable observers to speak for themselves about the issues surrounding the events.
Catherine Gander
A group of well-armed men en- tered the town of Las Brisas in northern Nicaragua. After burning all adult education materials and forcing everyone to listen to vio- lent, fanatical speeches, they kid- napped the education program's young administrator, Valentina P6rez.
Steven Volk
Santiago was slowly emerging from its Southern Hemisphere winter into a promising spring. For a short while, the air would be sweet and clear before the summer sun and smog gained the upper hand.
John Dinges
SANTIAGO-The intersection of Macul and Grecia streets in Santiago is a normally quiet, middle-class neighborhood with a stu- pendous view of the Andean Cordillera-an unlikely but somewhat symbolic place for the riot that broke out there on June 14, part of the surge of monthly protests against Chile's mili- tary dictatorship. Three blocks to the west is the Macul campus of the University of Chile, known 10 years ago as the center of leftist student ac- tivity.
Paul Health Hoeffel & Peter Kornbluh
When Costa Gavras' Missing opened in Feb- ruary 1982 to packed theaters across the coun- try, it stirred up more political controversy than had been associated with a movie in a long time. By itself, Missing was a gripping movie, the story of a regular American guy whose world was turned upside down during a futile search for his son, "disappeared" in a treacherous and violent foreign land.