CARMEN GLORIA QUINTANA SPOKE barely above a whisper: "I would like to believe in this plebiscite, I would like to believe that it will make a difference, but after what this regime did to me, I can't." Quintana's message came at the end of a Latin American Studies Association seminar featuring representatives of Chile's opposition.


Joan Dassin
March marks the third anniversary of Brazil's civilian government, which succeeded two decades of mili- tary rule. Yet initial enthusiasm for the "New Republic" has given way to blanket disillusionment, even des- pair.
Philip Brenner
U.S. policy toward Cuba has an eerie, frozen-in-time quality. It recalls the most hateful days of the Cold War, and continues to hold out the hope that the Cuban revolution can be destroyed. Its most enduring feature is the 30-year-old assumption that the United States will be able to subdue the island once again when the Cuban leader dies. In effect, U.S. policy could be aptly called "After Fidel."
Tracey Dewart & Michel Eckersly
"As a member of this government, I come to try to convince you to desist from continuing this march. By say- ing this to you and your closest col- laborators, I have accomplished what the president asked me to do.
Guatemala: Eternal Spring, Eter- nal Tyranny by Jean-Marie Simon. W.
Lance Compa
THE HEADQUARTERS OF CHILE'S NATION- al workers command is a leaky-roofed, one-story converted warehouse on a side street in an aging sec- tion of Santiago. Exposed plumbing and wiring con- duits scar the walls and ceiling.
Fernando Villagrán
IN THE COURSE OF 1988, THE COMMAND- ers-in-chief of Chile's armed forces, including Gen. Augusto Pinochet himself, will name a president to rule until 1997.
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Challenge and Opportunity GUILLERMO UNGO PULLED MY ELBOW AS he spoke. "You have no right to close your doors.
Martha Lyn Doggett
HAS THERE BEEN A SEA CHANGE IN THE Reagan Administration's policy toward Chile? Something has happened since Langhorne Motley, then assistant secretary of state for inter-American af- fairs, proclaimed in February 1985 that "The destiny of Chile is in very good hands. .
"ON THE OTHER SIDE IS THE FOREIGN aggressor who, as an act of revenge or misinfor- mation, is trying to aid those who are committing treason against the fatherland. To do this the foreign aggressor is spending millions of dollars, which is unacceptable inter- ference, and which I am sure our people thoroughly re- ject.