Solo el Pueblo Salva al Pueblo

The pandemic of the novel coronavirus that began in 2019 has radically reshaped our world. While the effect has been devastating, people have adapted by continuing to craft their lifeways creatively, thereby recasting what it means to engage in political activism and resistance to neoliberal capitalism. In the months before Covid-19 emerged, Latin America was ablaze with protest; from Chile to Ecuador to Puerto Rico, unprecedented popular protests with broad, intersectional demands for social justice had reached a fever pitch. Already, Indigenous, Brown, and Black life was at stake. This issue of the NACLA Report explores public health and social issues that, despite predating Covid-19, can be viewed with renewed urgency through its lens. At the same time, it spotlights grassroots responses and resistance in this time of collective mourning and despair. Read the editor's introduction to the issue.