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Mexican poet Javier Sicilia arrived with the Caravan for Peace in New York last Thursday, September 6th, where he spoke in the Upper West Side at Riverside Church—a place that is steeped with history in the fight for social justice and African American civil rights—to raise awareness about the victims of the drug war in Mexico.

During a vigil that evening, he channeled the spirit of Martin Luther King, who had rallied likeminded listeners at the same church 45 years earlier against the atrocities of the Vietnam War. Like King, Sicilia reminded a congregation filled with students, activists, drug war victims, and community leaders from the United States and Mexico, that to ignore the suffering and death of thousands of people is an act of complicity.

New York was one of the last stops on a 6,000-mile caravan that visited more than 25 U.S. cities, including Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Houston, Atlanta, and Chicago. The caravan has just wrapped up its tour in Washington D.C., where Sicilia delivered a speech yesterday that called for both Mexicans and Americans to save democracy together through “good neighbor” policies. NACLA readers can access the full speech in English here.

NACLA Podcast 3!

NACLA presents its Fall 2012 Radio Podcast. Featuring content on the Paraguayan coup, the Mexican elections, and speeches from NACLA's 45th Anniversary Gala by Noam Chomsky, Javier Sicilia, and Mexican-American cartoonist Feggo. You can now also subscribe to NACLA Radio. To listen, click here.

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