Book talk and conversation with Todd Miller, author of Border Patrol Nation (Co-hosted by NACLA and CLACS)

November 19, 2014

In frontline reporting on the spread of the U.S. Border Patrol beyond the border, author Todd Miller shows in stark relief how the entire country has become a militarized border zone. His work is based on years of research and interviews with border patrol agents, government contractors, and vulnerable immigrant communities.

“Todd Miller has entered a secret world, and he has gone deep. If you want to learn about the Border Patrol’s world, you will find this book informative and startling. I’m not sure the Border Patrol will like all that he has to say. But his is a moral work that wrestles with a huge story. Powerful.”—Luis Alberto Urrea, author of The Devil’s Highway: A True Story, among other books

"Todd Miller's invaluable and gripping book, Border Patrol Nation: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Homeland Security is the story of how this country's borders are being transformed into up-armored, heavily militarized zones run by a border-industrial complex. It's an achievement and an eye opener."—Tom Engelhardt, TomDispatch

"Border Patrol Nation dissects the 2,000-mile illusion—2,000 miles of greed and corruption and death-that threatens to swallow our rights, our hope and our entire country. Todd Miller investigates the bloated bureaucracies, the corporate interests, the ruthless politicians and policies invested in this dangerous illusion. Border Patrol Nation documents the need to end the illusion."—Roberto Lovato, writer, co-founder and strategist at